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home remedies for asthma

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There's a place for every academic background at GSK

There's a place for every academic background at GSK Back in Brazil, Mr Cruz worked closely on the launch of a drug which tackled both asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) – the term used to describe a number of conditions including emphysema and chronic bronchitis. “I am very aware 

Halting the raw milk movement

Halting the raw milk movement Raw milk proponents claim that pasteurization, the scientifically proven heat process designed to destroy pathogenic bacteria naturally found in milk, also destroys essential nutrients, immunity boosters and other functional compounds. Proponents claim

Fighting asthma with farm dust

Fighting asthma with farm dust “The students are excited. They're working on a remedy for asthma,” he said. Snyder has a personal interest in the research. His own asthma improved when he moved West, but he still packs an inhaler when he returns to his childhood home in Pennsylvania.

The inhaler the size of a credit card

The inhaler the size of a credit card Asthma sufferers will know the importance of keeping an inhaler close in case of emergencies. However, inhalers have a distinct shape and are fairly bulky. A new type of inhaler has been created that fits into a wallet like a credit card, but can

Homeopathy 'quackery' should be cut from NHS, campaigners urge after study finds it ineffective

Homeopathy 'quackery' should be cut from NHS, campaigners urge after study finds it ineffective Homeopathy is a controversial method based on the principle that “like cures like” and that diluting substances that cause particular symptoms can remove those symptoms in a patient. “Many homeopathic remedies consist of substances that have been 

Walking Pneumonia Versus Common Cold

It is a highly contagious disease and symptoms are usually seen a couple of days after exposure. There is no established cure for the common cold. Home remedies that seem effective in managing the disease include getting rest, drinking lots of fluids, gargling with saline water, and using cough drops to soothe the throat. Depending on the severity of the attack, the common cold can take between two to fourteen days to resolve.

Protecting Yourself from the Common Cold

The primary defence against the common cold is to ensure that you get a seasonal flu vaccine shot which will boost the body’s immune system. This will help the body fight against the influenza viruses that are commonly floating around in the upcoming season. Be proactive about avoiding close contact with people who have the common cold.

Maintain a physical distance from them when possible, and if you are the one who is ill, stay away from school or work to avoid spreading the germs. Wash your hands often with warm water and soap. Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue when coughing or sneezing and ensure that you discard the tissues in a sterile manner.

Can someone give me any home remedies for asthma symptoms and any other info on asthma that might be helpful?

are there any home remedies for asthma's symptoms?

If you or your child are having an asthma attach, and have no ventelin on hand, the doctors tell you to drink black coffee. not sure if it should be warm or cold, but something tells me maybe cold. my daughter used to have it and I bought her these aroma

I've seen my son through 12+ yrs of asthma (had it myself when I was young). He was in and out of the hospital for the first couple of yrs. The only way we got it under control was Singulair(excellent), a home nebulizer, and Dimetapp & Robitussin.

If you or your child are having an asthma attach, and have no ventelin on hand, the doctors tell you to drink black coffee. not sure if it should be warm or cold, but something tells me maybe cold. my daughter used to have it and I bought her these aroma

does anyone have any home remedies for asthma?

My 11 yr old son has asthma just wondering if anyone knows any home remedies? And i have taken him to the doctor he is on Ventolin..

This website might be useful to you as it gives some home remedies for asthma attacks. remedies_asthma.htm

dampness (mould)

I don't have any remedies but have found that damp dusting rather than furniture polish helps. Just use a damp cleaning cloth or duster to wipe down surfaces.