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Asthma: Facts and Symptoms

It is also signal for asthmatics to pay attention to early warning signs that an asthma attack may chance. This allows the individual to begin treating the symptoms with medications accordingly, and also to trace their lungs' function with a peak

What to know about asthma

Asthma is a serious, long-standing disease that affects the lungs and narrows the airways that deliver air to the lungs. Although symptoms of asthma sometimes alter, the telltale signs usually include a scratchy throat or tightness in the case, followed by a

GSK offers MyAsthma management app in the UK

GSK offers MyAsthma management app in the UK The MyAsthma app keeps users posted on native information about asthma triggers, including pollen count, pollution, and sick. It also helps users track symptoms and their ACT scores over time to see trends that they can portion with care providers.

Pool chlorine tied to lung damage in elite swimmers-study

Lung mass inflammation was not associated with actual asthma symptoms, such as coughing and wheezing, or with difficulty breathing during a medical exam used to determine lung function. While acting as a disinfectant, chlorine reacts with a astray

Childhood asthma: What you need to know

When you think of asthma symptoms, you probably think of wheezing. Although that's definitely one of its signs and symptoms,  WebMD says there are also others you'll want to look out for in your child, including the following:

Frequent coughing spells – may be the only symptom present Less energy while playing – needing frequent breaks when compared to his or her friends Labored, rapid breathing Tightness in the chest or neck muscles Weakness or tiredness Dark circles under the eyes Frequent headaches  Loss of appetite

Symptoms can vary from one child to another, or even from one episode to another for the same child.

How is asthma diagnosed?

If your child has one or more of the above symptoms, a pediatrician can help determine if your child has asthma. This is more difficult if your child is under 5, but in general, the following can aid in  diagnosing or ruling out asthma :

What symptoms may cause a doctor to prescribe Albuterol over other asthma medications?

For what particular asthma symptoms does Albuterol (Salbutamol) cater to? Why may a doctor determine that his or her patient needs to take albuterol instead of other potential asthma medications?

Fast acting B2 agonists like albuterol "cater" to the bronchial smooth muscle constriction that is occuring arround your lower airways. the albuterol relaxes the smooth muscle allowing the bronchioles to widen and more air to pass. There is

Albuterol is a rescue inhaler. Everyone who has asthma, to any degree, should have a rescue inhaler to use in case of an acute asthma attack. If a patient has symptoms more often than once a month during the day or once a week at night, s/he should also

Simply. Albuterol is the cheapest selective B2 quick acting med out there. Like the previous poster mentioned, it is a rescue inhaler and it has been around forever so it's dirt cheap.

Are there any home remedies that can lessen the effects of asthma symptoms?

I went to my doctor due to the asthma symptoms, and he told me that it would go away when the pollen levels get a touch lower.

He told me to try some home treatment and remedies, like honey, in the meantime, and I wanted to see more suggestions.

Well caffiene is a mild bronchodilator so you may try drinking soda or coffee. Keep in mind that this doesnt work fast, it takes time for it to dissolve in your bloodstream. Also, you may try Oregano, I have heard from several of my patient that it

INHALE vixs in hot water or try hot water honey and lemon keep dust at bay and stay away from animal fur

This may saound crazy but coca cola! My friend has a son with asthma and he told me when his son starts weezing to give him a little coca cola and when I did the weezing actually stoppes I recently started trying it on my one year old daughter who actually