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Home Remedies for Asthma

What Happens in Asthma?

Asthma affects a vast majority of people. It is a condition in which the airways leading to lungs are narrowed leading to mild to extreme difficulty in breathing which can also intensify over time if not cared for properly.

All airways including nasal passage ways, larynx, and mouth can be narrowed down or blocked completely in asthma. It is one of the many types of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and can be related to all types of allergies including seasonal, environmental and food related allergies.

The most widely known characteristic of asthma is that the signs of an attack can occur certainly in response to any stimuli. Often, the trigger of the attack goes unidentified. What is known as an ‘asthma attack’ is merely the irritation of immune system along with the air passages in the body.

The causes of asthma often differ person to person. The most frequent reason so far has been observed to be toxins and irritants in the environment of the affected person.

What are some home remedies to relieve asthma symptoms?

I have recently been diagnosed with asthma. Since I am very susceptible to the side affects of my inhaler, are there any home remedies in case it gets a little hard to breathe? I'm just talking about when my breathing is a little bit below normal capacity.

Some things I do are drink small sips of hot water, caffeine (helps open the airways), and rest as much as possible.

Use the inhalers with the steroids in them. And the ventolin for only sudden attacks. In other words try to prevent an attack but if it happens get aggressive. If it doesn't ease up after 3-4 puffs of ventolin get somebody to drive you to the hospital.

When I was little I use to have breathing problems where i would start wheezing and coughing. When this happened my mom would turn on the vaporizer and put me under it covering me with a huge towel and she would tell me to inhale. I heard that also works

What are some good home remedies for asthma?

I am 99% sure I have asthma. A few minutes ago I started getting sharp pains in my chest, and now my breathing has worsened. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to get confirmation that it actually is asthma (if not something else)


Caffeine helps open the airways, so if you have pop or coffee or anything, you should drink that. As well, you should drink small sips of hot water. That's what the nurses used to have me do when I couldn't take any more albuterol but had problems.

Caffeine helps open the airways, so if you have pop or coffee or anything, you should drink that. As well, you should drink small sips of hot water. That's what the nurses used to have me do when I couldn't take any more albuterol but had problems.

strong black coffee has always worked for me, along with sleeping in front of a small fan. although sodas with caffine might help you in a pinch, anything hot will help open the airways faster.