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    Asthma and Chronic Bronchitis in Children and Their Prognosis into Adult Life / Disodium Cromoglycate (Intal/Lomudal®): 3rd International Symposium on ... on Disodium Cromoglycate (Intal/Lomudal®)
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Despite healthy lifestyle, Elaine Johns began experiencing health problems due ...

All of that second-best-hand smoke exposure caught up with Johns six years ago, when her doctor gave her a stubborn prognosis. “The doctor said if I continued to be around the tobacco smoke, I would be on oxygen within two years,” Johns said.

Twas DOTW Before Christmas ...

Twas DOTW Before Christmas ... Metamark's Prognosis Determinants dais is meant to identify specific cancer targets that may play a dispassionate in promoting tumor progression. -- LL BMS/Gladstone: Bristol-Myers Squibb and the Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco are teaming up for

Your Appendix Could Save Your Life

Your Appendix Could Save Your Life He thinks they ascendancy secrets lost on domestic rats and humans, 8 secrets that might helper to explain autism, asthma and, knowing Bill, a fair bit more. And so he hammers on the cage and when everyone else goes to nap he puts out dog food to bait his

Elevated chymase levels in serum predict severe dengue

Researchers identified elevated chymase as a prognostic biomarker of severe disease in adult and pediatric patients with dengue fever.

According to Annelies Wilder-Smith, MD, PhD, MIH, professor of infectious diseases at Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and president of the International Society of Travel Medicine, traditional indicators of severe dengue , or dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF), include mucosal bleeding, liver enlargement, abdominal pain, rapid hematocrit increase, persistent vomiting and clinical fluid accumulation. However, the researchers noted that many of these signs present late and vary among patients with dengue virus (DENV) infection .

“There is an unmet need for diagnostic tests to identify severe DENV during the acute phase of disease, since clinical symptoms often fail to predict it with sufficient warning, and to understand whether those tests are robust in

what is the prognosis for someone who has asthma ?

they can live a normal life as long as they careful of there environment is s dust , pollen , sprays an any thing else they can up set there condition .. just carry a inhaler and enjoy life /yes it will be different but still can be full of enjoyme

What can I do if I do not agree with a Doctors prognosis?

I recently went to my doctors and they told me I have asthma but I do not agree, I have had a chest infection and that's all. Can I see another doctor or will that insult my GP and cause future problems for me? Hope anyone can help, Thank you

You can alway see another doc. It should not offend them. That is life. You are the consumer. They are offering you a services. You shop around for insurance, cars etc. YOu should shop around for a good doc that you trust.


That's not a prognosis. That's a diagnosis. A prognosis is a forecast of how the condition is likely to behave.

I've little doubt that your doctor may feel that you have 'insulted' him by seeking a second opinion, but it's your health

You have the right to see another doctor for a second opinion. If the second doctor says the same I would tend to think they're right and you're wrong though.

Doctors often make mistakes. They're human too.

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