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    BREATHE EAZY (6 bottles - 90 days supply) Herbal Remedy For Asthma & Allergy
    Health and Beauty (RELAXON)


    List Price: $43.93
    Price: $43.93

    • "ZINGIBER OFFICINALE" - a powerful natural anti allergy agent specially acting on the respiratory system and a powerful natural expectorant used widely in Chinese formulas for coughs, colds, diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pains associated with colds "PIPER NIGRUM" - a powerful natural anti inflammation agent, builds strong immunity against allergy has excellent broncho dilating properties. "PIPER LONGUM" - used in traditional practice to promote respiratory health builds up resistance against respiratory tract constriction and inflammation. "ELATTERIA CARDAMOM" - a powerful natural anti inflammatory agent with significant cardiotonic properties heals the inflammation of respiratory tract. "CUMINUM CYMINUM" - a powerful bronchodilator makes breathing easy and free of obstruction. "TERMINALIA CHEBULA" - commonly advocated in Ayurveda for improving gastrointestinal motility. It prevents heart burn and Gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) commonly associated with Asthma. "TERMINALIA BELLERICA" has proven anti asthmatic, anti-spasmodic, expectorant and anti cough effects. "TRAGIA INVOLUCRATE" has healing properties particularly in the respiratory tract. It also heals the inflammation and polyps in the respiratory tract. It also acts as a powerful bronchodilator.
    • What can you expect from BREATHE EAZY? Within 4-5 days of taking the BREATHE EAZY formulation you will find the respiratory tract dilating and will feel light. You will find the choking feeling in the chest and the difficulty in breathing slowly diminishing. The ever nagging phlegm and mucous in the respiratory tract will be clearing out. You will be able to breathe much better, your Peak Flow rates will be gradually improving and you will experience a big boost to your stamina after a long time or perhaps for the first time ever. Some of the herbs in BREATHE EAZY act as natural antihistamines and have properties similar to that of steroids (but devoid of undesirable side effects associated with the steroids) in dilating and opening the respiratory tract. But the underlying cause of asthma is allergy. It is allergy that causes this hypersensitivity reaction in the first place. This has to be addressed for a long term solution and an asthma free life. The real power of BREATHE EAZY lies in it's ability to build strong and lasting immunity to allergic triggers. You are reasonably allergy and asthma free if you do not face any difficulty in breathing even after stopping the intake of BREATHE EAZY herbal formulation. We recommend taking BREATHE EAZY herbal formulation for around 5-6 months for a reasonable improvement. Will you be completely cured of asthma? From our experience over past 25 years we can say that our herbal formulation is capable of making the asthma condition very mild. In such condition the PEF - Peak Expiratory Flow rate is around 90-95% of normal. In such cases doctors do not prescribe any medicines but may prescribe some rescue inhalers to be used only when required.
    • "CINNAMOMUM CASSIA" enhances expectoration of fluids in lungs. It also prevents stagnation of fluids (mucous) in lungs. "ADHATODA VASICA" is considered in the orient to be the best possible treatment for all chest diseases. Used widely in the management of allergic disorders and bronchial asthma. "WITHANIA SOMNIFERA" an anti stress herb having powerful anti inflammatory properties. It significantly reduces inflammation and blockages in respiratory tract. It builds immunity to allergic triggers. "TAMARINDUS INDICA" has powerful anti inflammatory properties. It instantly relieves inflammation in lungs and respiratory tract and builds strong immunity to allergy. "RUBIA CORDIFOLIA" is a very powerful anti oxidant builds strong immunity to allergic triggers. It has anti-inflammatory effect and prevents stagnation of fluids in lungs." AEGLE MARMELOS" has very powerful cardio tonic properties. It strengthens the cardiac muscles and increases the force of contraction and expansion of cardiac muscles.
    • BREATHE EAZY -The Blockbuster Herbal Formulation For Asthma GET RID OF YOUR ASTHMA PERMANENT. BREATHE EAZY a combination of 14 Herbs and natural ingredients in specific composition. TWO bottles - 90 days Supply. Price only US$59/-

    RidgeCrest Clearlungs (Red), Herbal Breathing Support, Original Formula , 120 Vegetarian Capsules
    Health and Beauty (RidgeCrest)


    List Price: $17.35
    Price: $17.35

    • Now in vegetarian caps.
    • ClearLungs is a unique blend of chinese herbs that helps maintain free breathing.
    • Ridgecrest herbals makes many natural formulas for specific health needs.

Herbal Remedies? Be Wary of Studies, Keep Your Caregivers in the Loop

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'Natural' flu remedies growing in popularity in UAE

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Fake pill claims: 20 firms booked

“These companies gave misleading advertisements about their products that among other things promised medication for sexual problems, hair fall, body fat and diabetes and asthma in disregarding of the law. Many of these claims have no scientific basis,” said

Many of us swear by herbal remedies like Echinacea and St John's Wort... but do they really work?

But while sometimes only prescribed drugs and medical treatments are suitable, the British Herbal Medicine Association (BHMA) points out that even today, herbs can be ideal complements to modern medicines.

It's estimated that more than a third of us regularly use traditional herbal medicines to treat minor ailments, such as coughs and colds, back pain, sleep problems and stress.

Do herbal medicines work?

Some studies have found that certain traditional herbal remedies can have a beneficial effect. Researchers from King's College London, for example, examined traditional Indian diabetes treatments and cancer treatments used in China and Thailand, and found they had useful properties. In the case of diabetes, extracts from the curry leaf tree were found to have positive effects in helping regulate the release of glucose into the bloodstream.

Another King's study found 'promising activity' against lung cancer cells from certain Eastern plants, particularly the Thai aquatic weed Ammannia baccifera and the Chinese plant Illicium verum or star anise.

My 2 yr old cat has feline asthma & is allergic to most flea remedies. A herbal collar may work. Help please?

I use lavender oil on my cats. put a drop on the back of your cat's neck about once every 2-3 weeks. & put a drop in it's bedding. it's all natural & will not hurt your cat.

make sure it's lavender OIL....but spray or perfume.....

I use lavender oil on my cats. put a drop on the back of your cat's neck about once every 2-3 weeks. & put a drop in it's bedding. it's all natural & will not hurt your cat.

make sure it's lavender OIL....but spray or perfume.....

Here's some info bout feline asthma and what u can do to help:

Feline asthma has been called by many other names, including chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, and allergic bronchitis. Regardless of the name, it is a common feline ailment.

Need advice urgently please. Is there any natural or herbal remedy that i can use to prevent/treat my asthma?

I get seasonal asthma, which sometimes lead to infections and phlegm in my chest...and the pills and syrups i use only help for a liittle while...and i dont like using asthma pumps as it gives me a bloated feeling in my chest. The doctors cant really

breathing eucalyptus does open the bronchial tubes more.

I am going to direct you to the website of a man I trust greatly, but if you are willing to try this treatment is up to you. In my 30 years of study the best I have found are Dr

Try eucalyptus.

Healing with natural herbs are great and some herbs can help you immensly but you do need to know what you are taking and how these herbs work. Eucalyptus is often used to asthma and other sinus and airway problems.

Its best to speak to