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New method found to combat smoke-related diseases

New method found to combat smoke-related diseases The proposed combined treatment could also rectify the effectiveness of steroid treatment for COPD, which is effective in treating other lung diseases such as asthma. Professor Gary Anderson from the University of Melbourne said: "This is not a fair-haired

Are allergies for real?

The reciprocation can take a number of forms and be centered on a variety of different organs — allergic reactions in the lungs take the conformation of asthma, for instance, while eczema occurs when the allergic reaction is centered on the incrustation.

A precious Gift from God (Part 1)

In place against, people of earlier times were using natural healing remedies. Some centuries ago, before the determining of antibiotics and the hundreds of other drugs, people were using fruits, vegetables, and other plants to revitalize their ailments.

Discovery could help stem smoking-related diseases

Discovery could help stem smoking-related diseases The proposed combined treatment could also recover the effectiveness of steroid treatment for COPD, which is effective in treating other lung diseases such as asthma. "Steroid treatments labour in conditions like asthma by turning off the production of

Alternative treatment for mild asthma

). O'Byrne was also an author of a second NEJM article today regarding mile asthma.

"Short-acting beta-agonists, also known as rescue inhalers, work quickly but they do not treat the underlying problem of inflammation," said O'Byrne of the first study. "The secret in this new approach is that it not only relieves symptoms but at the same time delivers steroids required for overall control of asthma."

According to Statistics Canada, eight per cent of Canadians, or 2.4 million people have been diagnosed with asthma by a health professional. Approximately 50 to 75 per cent of patients diagnosed with the chronic disease have mild asthma. While symptoms may not always be burdensome, airway inflammation is usually present, and mild asthma patients are at risk of severe exacerbations, commonly called asthma attacks, which can result in emergency care or even asthma-related death.

"In clinical practice, poor adherence to asthma medications, particularly inhaled steroids as maintenance therapy, is a major problem across all severities of asthma," said O'Byrne. "As such, patients rely on as-needed inhalers for symptom relief, which doesn't actually help improve their overall condition."

Any natural cures for asthma?

I can't get health insurance, and without insurance, the Advair disk costs nearly $300. What a load of crap! Anyway, is there any natural cure to stop the wheezing, coughing, etc.?

search up over breathing, it is directly related to asthma. correcting your breathing can help you use less meds and reduce the severity of your asthma attacks.

You might be able to get from these people:
Call 1-888-4PPA-NOW Their website is They have listing of clinics and can also help with medication

211 is a national referral helpline. Call them and tell the person what

Are there natural cures for Asthma?

I am wondering does any body out here has first hand experience with natural cures for Asthma? I have a 9 yr old who has severe asthma since he was born. His asthma attacks are driving me crazy as I can't cope out with frequent hospitalizations, steroids,

There is no cure for asthma now.the best way is control it and the best way for controlling it is Inhalers

Their is no cure for Asthma.

yes they are my mom got cured taking natures sun shine but its combination so you have too seek a doctor qualified in this type of medicine the inhale things make you dependent and only ruin you lungs further