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    NETI INHALER Sinus & Lung Relief. HIMALAYAN SALT AIR! Respiratory Wellness. Clearing, Healing Ions Aromatherapy. Handy Portable. Healing Botanicals Colds Asthma Cough Ion therapy 100% Natural (1)
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    Urban ReLeaf LLC

    List Price: $9.97
    Price: $9.97

    • NETI INHALER Sinus & Lung Relief. Respiratory Wellness. Clearing, Healing Aromatherapy & Ions. Energizing scent! Pocket / Purse Stick, Handy Portable Natural.
    • Provides relief when you breathe pure HIMALAYAN SALT AIR & Essential Oils!. 100% natural
    • Simply inhale deeply through your nose or mouth. A natural expectorant. It is normal for some coughing to occur as the salt air breaks up mucus. Many people want a drug-free alternative for their respiratory problems. Known for many decades as a natural treatment in Asia and Europe.
    • Contains pure Himalayan Pink Salt, Therapeutic Essential Oils of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Tea Tree. Inhale Deeply.
    • Salt air has healing, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal qualities. Helps relieve symptoms of asthma, respiratory inflammations, colds, bronchitis, coughs and allergies. May also be used as a preventative to aid in keeping lungs clear and healthy. Recap tightly and inhaler will last for years with daily use.

    Natural Solutions Himalayan Pink Salt Inhaler,Therapy Inhaler for Asthma and Allergies by WBM
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    • Himalayan Pink Salt Inhaler helps those who suffer from asthma and other Respiratory Ailments
    • Provides Relief when you breathe With pure HIMALAYAN SALT
    • Supports Rehabilitation and Medical Therapies of Respiratory System
    • Himalayan Salt Inhaler is Very Useful for Asthma and Many Other Health Benefits
    • Himalayan Pink Salt Inhaler cleanses the respiratory system.

Asthmatic children's lives put at risk by 'red tape' as schools banned from ...

Asthmatic children's lives put at risk by 'red tape' as schools banned from ... 'Introducing a free inhaler for emergencies could prevent a serious asthma attack by getting prompt assistance for a child when it's needed.' A spokesman for the MHRA said: 'In the interests of determined safety, asthma inhalers should only be supplied on


He still every so often uses an inhaler. But the fact that he's been largely clear of asthma since he was 16 represents overcoming in a battle far more significant than anything the likes of Barton could put in front of him. Thanks to his tireless mum

Primatene Mist asthma inhaler now phased out

Primatene Dim, the only over-the-counter asthma inhaler sold in the US, is no longer available, due to a phase-out of epinephrine inhalers containing chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). The deadline went into import on January 1st, 2012.

'Sudden climatic changes can lead to asthma'

Doctors also settle it clear that similar to chronic ailments like diabetes and blood difficulty, long-term treatment plan to maintain asthma should be in place. “Treatments like inhalers must be second-hand regularly whether or not the patient is wheezy.

Asthma inhalers?

i know this is in the wrong catagory, i did put it under the right one, but no one would answer.

Asthma inhalers?
I have bad asthma, it has been getting worse lately, my inhaler is starting to run out of medicine, i can't get a hold

Just go to the doctors office? If you can't do that and you need to help your asthma get a damp rag and a spray both and hold the rag over your mouth while you spray and inhale.

i'll try to help if it's possible but if you can't get one as soon as possible boil some water and breath in the steam through your nose it should help

asthma inhalers?

I have bad asthma, it has been getting worse lately, my inhaler is starting to run out of medicine, i can't get a hold of a doctor or leave to go to a pharmacy, and i can't call the doctor or anyone because the phone doesn't work, i'll pick up the phone,

To echo the other comments, you need to see a doctor about it worsening, but if your inhaler is, as i suspect, albuterol, you can buy an over the counter inhaler as a short term alternative. This is called Primatene or Primatene Mist, which is an inhalable

Chase away the asthma for ever. Naturally.
take lots of clean, soda water, avoid inhaling of dust and smoke, avoid citrus like tamarind, lime, lemon, tomato.
wear thoroughly washed and dry clothes. run for 30 min daily, with good and

Even the on-line pharmacies should require a prescription. If you have time for an inhaler to be mailed to you, I don't see how you don't have the ability to go to the pharmacy.
It also sounds like just one inhaler isn't enough treatment. You