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Best home remedies for throat pain

Everyone has experienced throat pain at some point in their life. First, the irritation feels like something has been stuck in the throat. But after a while, the soreness becomes intolerable, and other symptoms appear, as well. Did you know that you can use natural ingredients from your kitchen to reduce the discomfort effectively? Learn what are the best home remedies for throat pain.

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Throat pain causes 10 best remedies Recipes for pain The Neti pot Doctor recommendations Prevention Why does throat pain occur?

Maybe it’s that time when the seasons change, you ate too much ice cream, or you screamed excessively at a music concert or football game. Numerous factors could be to blame for your hoarse voice and scratchy sensation in the throat. However, the evidence suggests that, in most of the cases, a sore throat occurs because of a virus. Flue, cold, mononucleosis, chickenpox, measles, and croup are common viral illnesses that trigger throat pain.

Croup remedies?

My 2 year old son has the croup and nothing I have tried has worked very well. Cold air, we went outside for a while, (we live in Idaho), and a cold humidifier.

By the way, I will NOT take him to the doctor or the ER. There is nothing

When one of my sons had the croup as a baby, I closed the bathroom door, turned the shower on full blast hot, and we sat there until he coughed it all up. Give him really sweet warm tea to drink during this, it helped. My grandmother told me to do the

Try taking him in the bathroom, shut the door and turn the hot water on full blast. But if he gets worse, he'll really need to be seen by a dr. Tell them about the last time with the steroids so they can try something else. He is probably too old,

My 15 month old had croup a couple months ago. I took her to the doctor and she sent us home, saying that it would pass and lots of kids had it right now. We live in a mild climate, so there were no brisk walks for us. We did make sure to get outside

Soothing home remedies for Croup Cough?

14 month old just started with croup (barking seal sound) cough. I called doc and was told no worries. Just wondering what anyone has done to soothe baby and what worked.
I have vaporizer in baby's room and sit with her in a steamy bathroom with

You can give SMALL amount of coke, the acid in it really can help to loosen up the phlem(sp?) in the throat.

How do you treat croup?
If this is your toddler's first bout with croup and the doctor determines that he has a mild case, you should be able to treat him at home.

Moist or cold air seem to help reduce the swelling of the airways,

I had really bad croup when I was little, ugh it was so awful. We always had the vaporizer next to my bed and I also remember the steamy bathroom. I even remember once I was so sick, that I was hallucenating and swore I saw the tooth fairy (i was really