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    A Cure for Asthma?: What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You--and Why
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    The Allergy and Asthma Cure: A Complete 8-Step Nutritional Program
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Plano center touts salt therapy for wellness

Plano center touts salt therapy for wellness “They don't have asthma, sinus problems, all of the upland-respiratory issues that we have. And the common denominator is salt. It's a easy anti-inflammatory.” At the Plano spa, salt therapy, or halotherapy, takes circumstances in two snow-white rooms that

'Natural' flu remedies growing in popularity in UAE

'Natural' flu remedies growing in popularity in UAE "It is full of benefits and a well-mannered antibiotic for those with colds and even asthma." "Emirati families on regular use 3kg of honey a month and all Arab countries use it like a medicine. There is even a Surat in the Quran recommending its use for

Viruses, and Viral Infections as a Component of Chronic Illness

Even though a unabated cure takes longer, those who respond usually note noticeable improvement after four months. 35-year-old Kendra came to my backup with a history of sporadic fatigue and cognitive difficulties, along with episodes of asthma.

Shake up your health routine with salt caves

Clients at Hygea and Tranquillity have reported cures to their insomnia, asthma and allergies. Children with ADHD have allegedly been qualified to focus better too. The owners even say they have been told people who snore have improved by visiting the punch

Cure for asthma on horizon as scientists find genetic cause

He treatment could be taken daily as a pill, inhaled or even injected monthly to prevent attacks ever happening.

Experiments in mice have shown that inflammation dropped by 50 per cent in asthma-prone mice who had their ADAM33 gene removed when exposed to a house dust mite allergen.

Prof Haitchi, whose research was primarily funded by a Medical Research Council Clinician Scientist Fellowship, said: "Our studies have challenged the common paradigm that airway remodelling in asthma is a consequence of inflammation.

"Instead, we have shown that rogue human ADAM33 initiates airway remodelling that promotes allergic inflammation and twitchiness of the airways in the presence of allergen.

"More importantly, we believe that if you block ADAM33 from going rogue or you stop its activity if it does go rogue, asthma could be prevented.

"ADAM33 initiated airway remodelling reduces the ability of the lungs to function normally, which is not prevented by current anti-inflammatory steroid therapy.

natural remedy cures for asthma?

I have light asthma(its not as bad as most cases only the bottom part of my lungs have it) and i wanna know if natural remedy's actually cure asthma, what ingredents are needed and what do I make with them and how do i mix them.

Perhaps you can find some useful tips in a web search for "natural asthma remedies".

I know this is an ironic answer but i've heard and seen on many websites that marijuana can cure asthma along with many other lung problems. I'm not trying to influence u but im just saying i heard that the smoke is actually helpful to your body. My cousin

My dad told me to get a chihuahua for my daughter that might have asthma?

He says that it cures asthma but it will turn the chihuahua real sad and the dog will die if you don't give him enough attention
If they can cure asthma if so why and how?

Conventional medical wisdom has always assumed that the presence of pets puts children at a higher risk of developing allergies.

BUT, more and more evidence is proving that the opposite is true. Children raised in a house with dogs during

Ridiculous. The dog cannot cure asthma. There is NO cure for asthma, only treatment. You don't know much, do you? Dogs don't die from lack of attention. They die from lack of food, water and shelter.

I grew up hearing the same thing and as far as I know it is true but I never heard that the dog gets sad only that he will develope the asthma, and that it is not as hard on the dog. What I was told is that the dog needs to be a constant companion to