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remedies for chest congestion

Sinus drainage: Natural home remedies

Thickened mucus often causes irritating sinus drainage. Steam can thin the mucus, allowing it to flow more easily, and help relieve coughing, pressure, and difficulty breathing.

Some pharmacies and health stores sell small steamers for use on the face and nose.

A person can also breathe in enough steam by closing the bathroom door and turning on a hot shower.

Water and preventing dehydration

Dehydration can cause painful sinus drainage.

Drinking more water and avoiding caffeine can help:

replace fluids prevent further dehydration thin the mucus, allowing it to drain more easily

Cool, dry air can also dry out the airways.

Nasal irrigation

Nasal irrigators are devices that help clean out the nose and sinuses. Irrigation can also moisten the sinuses, counteracting the effects of dry air.

Neti pots are among the most popular types of irrigators. Using one can help speed recovery from a sinus infection.

Neti pots and other irrigators are available to buy online . Be sure to use distilled water, not tap water.

Does anyone have any good home remedies for chest congestion and weezing?

My son often has problems in the fall with chest congestion but the stuff the doctors give him just don't generally work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

do this in this a hot shower for him as hot as he can handle it, keeping the door closed...after about 15 minutes, do what is called percussions, do light karate chops all up and down his back for about 5 minutes...then have him take about

boil water and vinegar in a 2:1 ratio then stand over it and breathe. It sounds kind of weird, but it does seem to help loosen mucus.

once i was stuck in the cold mountains and woke up wheezing. i drank cups of coffee - the caffeine helped. i think the vapors and hot liquid helps too. ahh, that's what I heard and that's what helped me. he'll grow out of it, i'm sure and he's sure

Does anyone know of any good home remedies for Chest Congestion & Nasal Congestion?

I would greatly try any and all at this moment!
Home remedies only please

Sit in the bathroom with the shower on hot so it gets steamy. The steam breaks up the congestion. You can also put a towel over your face and stand above a pot of boiling water and absorb the steam that way.

Salsa does wonders for clearing sinuses.