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    The Asthma and Allergy Action Plan for Kids: A Complete Program to Help Your Child Live a Full and Active Life
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    Asthma Action Plan in Young Children: Does the Asthma Action Plan in Young Children Effectively Monitor Asthma Control?
    Book (LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing)

    LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing

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    Price: $49.00

Back-to-School Checklist for Parents of Children Living With Asthma

(StatePoint) While heading back to school may mean buying supplies, for parents of children with asthma, getting ready requires additional steps. Asthma accounts for more than 10 million lost school days every school year.

If you know a child living with asthma, you may be concerned about their activity in sports and at recess, especially if the child’s asthma is exercise-induced. With better asthma management, children are able to stay safe and active! For a full toolkit and free resources, visit

To gear up for a successful school year, the American Lung Association recommends this back-to-school checkli st:

1. Get back to the basics. Take an hour to brush up on asthma basics. Take the American Lung Association’s online course to ensure you’re armed with the knowledge of what causes asthma flare-ups, the importance of an asthma action plan, and what to do when breathing becomes difficult.

Should you give your asthma action plan to supervisor?

At work I gave a copy of my asthma action plan to the nurse AND my supervisor. Usually we just give emergency contact and medical info to the nurse, but do you think it was a smart thing to give it to my supervisor as well?

Yes, you should. I am a supervisor and not knowing what is going on when someone has an attack is scary! You could die because someone is uneducated about asthma


Asthma nursing action plan! NEED HELP! ><?

Mia 23 yr old immigrant from vietnam. She was diagnosed with asthma following a history of persistent coughing and poor lung capacity. over the last few days, she felt unwell as if developing a cold. she has become increasingly SOB and started to cough

always remember universal precautions and with air born illness where gloves and mask.

as she is from a country with known issues with increased population having TB.

get an order for TB test and chest xray.


Sounds like she needs a breathing treatment.Albuterol.

goal is for effective breathing and good oxygenation,

o2 via nasal specs, atrovent salbutamol nebs written up, chest x-ray, sputum cultures, reassurance interpreter ?