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singular for asthma

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Can i take singular for asthma with long qt interval?

I have congenital long qt syndrome and have developed asthma at the age of 70. Can I take singular and or albuterol to control my asthma symtoms?

I don't have any idea about the problem you have. It is better to consult your doctor regarding this for safety reasons. For more info about asthma you may visit:

Asthma Guidelines:

I don't see why not. i take Symbicort and albuterol for mine. But if you not willing to risk the opinions of strangers, call a pharmacist. He'll tell you what the risks are.

In VA benefits is singular a sc asthma approved drug?

I gave SC for asthma and allot of other things and they gave me singular along with 4 other asthma meds but they charged me for singular. Is singular a asthma SC drug?

You should not be charged for drugs for a service connected problem. You need to check into it and find out what is going on.