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natural ways to treat asthma

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    • [+] Treating Eczema Through Lifestyle Changes
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Manipulated enzymes

Biocatalysis uses enzymes to bring about chemical reactions. This kind of 'soft chemistry' replaces the use of poisonous reagents or solvents in existing syntheses to a high degree. However, a major challenge in biocatalysis is extending this concept to completely novel chemical reactions so far not accessible to enzymes found in nature. One such new design was created by a team of researchers at TU Graz led by Rolf Breinbauer, head of the Institute of Organic Chemistry, and Kathrin Heckenbichler, who is pursuing this research in the framework of a doctoral thesis at the Institute of Organic Chemistry. Breinbauer explains: 'For the first time, we've succeeded in manipulating an enzyme to carry out not its natural function, but rather a much more interesting function in terms of synthesis. Instead of reducing double bonds in a catalytic process, the enzyme now creates molecular structures in the form of small rings. By exchanging only one amino acid in the active centre of the enzyme, we've managed to suppress the natural reaction and facilitated a new reaction course.'

Asthma: Are there any alternative ways to treat asthma?

The majority of the asthma medicines cause weight gain and I am over weight as it is, and with the some of the side affects from the asthma medicines causing weight gain I'm wondering if there are other natural ways to treat asthma? Or something that

Please investigate the answers you read here fully. One of the known facts about asthma is that each person needs to have a personalized treatment program. My grandson has managed on nothing but Benedryl for many years, and now is symptom free (for now).

Treating your asthma is far more important than worrying about your possible weight gain. Can't gain weight if you can't breathe. Natural ways to treat asthma aren't as effective as using bronchodilators like albuterol or proventil. Talk to your doctor

Yes, my son has asthma and I give him grape seed pills daily. And when he is having an attack I give him cayenne pepper in water, then I give him slippery elm in powder form in pinches that he swallows then glasses of water and lobelia which takes away

what should you do to treat asthma besides albuterol and steriods (natural ways)?

there are a number of homeopathic remedies available, visit your local health food store, the will be happy to help you.

The only thing I can offer you for "natural Remedies"

When you feel an attack coming on & your @ home. Put your head in the freezer. The cold Air will open up the airways. Put a Humidifier or Ionizer in your home to rid