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    RidgeCrest Clearlungs (Red), Chinese Herbal Formula, 60 Vegetarian Capsules
    Health and Beauty (RidgeCrest)


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    • ClearLungs is a unique blend of Chinese herbs that helps maintain clear breathing.
    • Now in vegetarian caps

    Lungs & Bronchial Relief 2 fl oz Liquid
    Health and Beauty (King Bio)

    King Bio

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    • <p>Lungs & Bronchial Relief from King Bio</p>
    • <p>Eases congestion and cough</p>
    • <p>Safe and natural homeopathic spray</p>

Homeopathic drugs: No better than placebos?

Homeopathic drugs: No better than placebos? billion on homeopathic drugs in 2014, according to the Nutrition Business Journal. Here's what you need to know before you buy. Does homeopathy work? Proponents say that homeopathy can treat many conditions, including asthma and heart disease.

Winter woes be gone

Common illnesses in the winter include cold, cough, sore throat, flu, asthma, pharyngitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Sufficient For example, analgesics (medicines for pain relief) for body ache or antipyretics (medicines like Crocin/Paracetamol

Cure for asthma? Try coffee and herbal 'cigarettes'...

Cure for asthma? Try coffee and herbal 'cigarettes'... A review of the evolution of common respiratory diseases over the past century has revealed that strong black coffee and herbal 'cigarettes' were once popular treatments for asthma, which used to be thought of as a psychosomatic condition brought on by 

Why it's good to be wary of homeopathic remedies for asthma

Why it's good to be wary of homeopathic remedies for asthma Millions of Canadians contend every day with the wheezing, shortness of breath and coughing that accompany asthma. And in recent years, many have been turning to homeopathic solutions to provide relief for some of those symptoms. Asthma appears to be 

Alternative Treatments to Ease Asthma and Allergies

Alternative Treatments to Ease Asthma and Allergies However, some patients swear by complementary and alternative therapies to help reduce asthma and allergy symptoms. Some of these treatments include, but are not limited to, acupuncture, massage, hypnosis, diet, exercise and herbal medicine. Below are 

Rescue Sleep Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

Rescue Sleep is a brand of sleep aids that come in different forms, such as a spray, gummies, and liquid melts, but are all designed for the same function of helping the user achieve more restful sleep. The product website states that they each contain the same six active ingredients.

The liquid melts are sold in packages containing 28 capsules and users are supposed to take allow one capsule to melt on their tongue prior to going to bed. At that dosage, each bottle package should last just under a month.

The top ranked sleep aid on the market was found to be Fenotrex . Our review experts examined the potent ingredients, consumer reactions, and the potential benefits of the supplement to make their judgement. To learn more about how Fenotrex can help you get to sleep faster, and wake up energized, click here .

Rescue Sleep Ingredients and Side Effects

The product provides consumers with a full list of active ingredients that it uses, as well as a view of the supplement facts label. The product ingredients are all homeopathic, meaning that the dosage information that is provided only states the number of times the ingredient was diluted, but not the specific dosage itself. In this case, each of the active ingredients were diluted five times, or 5X as it is listed on the label. The label also includes a few words for each ingredient about its intended purpose.

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