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Breaking down asthma

The start of summer usually signifies a drop in viral respiratory infections. However, this is also the season for high humidity, thunderstorms and various environmental allergens, all of which can be especially hard on some people with asthma whose symptoms can strike at any time.

Asthma is a complex condition characterized by swollen and narrowed airways. According to the center for disease control, it affects about 22 million people in the United States and is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Onset is usually in early childhood and it may or may not be associated with eczema and/ or allergic rhinitis/ hay fever.

Diagnosing asthma, especially in a young child, can be challenging as there is no specific test available. Doctors might perform some studies (lung function testing, chest X-ray, etc.) to aid diagnosis. Asthma symptoms can be episodic or persistent. Symptoms include cough, shortness of breath, chest tightness, wheezing

Where would I find colored inhalers for Asthma?

I've seen blue and red and black and all kinds of colors for the regular asthma inhalers. I'm looking for the plastic peice that's usually white, but I'd like to get it in different colors for my son - I want to make his asthma just a little cooler.

Check with the pharmacy where you get the prescriptions filled, or go on yahoo search and try that, I know they make all kinds of dragon faces and stuff for nebulizer masks....

Your doctor would prescribe you this so visit your doctors

If I have asthma, is it better for me to use medicines and inhalers that reduce my bronchial inflammation?

If I reduce bronchial inflammation by using asthma inhalers am I at a lesser risk of developing lung cancer from having my lungs less inflamed? Do steroids and inhalers increase the risk of developing cancers or reduce the risk?

ask your doctor.

the answer to your first question is NO

I suspect the answer to your second question is also : NO.

I would probably ask a doctor those questions to be sure.
some inhalers though, im not sure what you have, i had alupent when I was younger with asthma, wasnt for bronchial inflamation it was to dilate my bronchial tubes so i could breath better.