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Breakdown: African dust causes air quality problem in Memphis

You may have noticed a hazy sky this past weekend. Monday, the Shelby County Health Department issued a statement of poor air quality for parts of the Mid-South. 

It was all due to Saharan dust.

Here’s what it is, where it came from, and why you need to know about it:

Saharan dust comes from the Sahara Desert in the northern parts of Africa. Most of the dust originated from the Bodele Depression in a country called Chad and traveled over 5,000 miles to the U.S.

Strong winds lifted the Saharan dust into the upper part of the atmosphere, where stronger upper lever winds carried this dust thousands of miles in “whichever way the wind blows.” In this case, it blew west across the Tropic Atlantic Ocean, into the Caribbean, and up to us through the Gulf of Mexico, carried by high pressure.

Here in Memphis, skies were hazy due to those dust particles high in the atmosphere. When concentrations of Saharan dust become high it can cause problems to those that have asthma, heart conditions, the elderly, children, and those with lung conditions. However, they also create beautiful sunrise and sunset photos perfect for that new Facebook or Instagram post.

Do perfume causes asthma, or does it only aggravates asthma if you have it from before?

I've read a lot of articles which made me confused, because I use a lot of perfume every day. I was just wondering if perfume causes asthma, or does it only aggravates asthma if you have it from before? I have not asthma yet, but I want to stay on the

perfume doesn't cause asthma but it does aggravate it and can cause an asthma attack especially if its really strong. smoking, weight gain, and genetics cause asthma.

many perfumes contain synthetic scents. many people are allergic to these cheap scents. if you,re using a lot of perfume, you are making yourself and other people sick. use only scents made with essential oils. these are better tolerated. use the least

What are the causes of asthma?

Okay, skip the airholes, genetics and all that. I just want to know what would cause asthma in a thirteen year-old girl who is not born in it. Is it pollution or what? Please, i hope you understand what i mean and answer it seriously.

all of these answers are correct, but i would like to add this: asthma IS a physical condition, but psychological factors plays probably the most important part. the physical symptoms can be treated with medication, but if there are emotional factors

Smoking, environmental triggers, allergies and molds

Both of my step kids with in the last year were diagnosed with asthma.

Yes, pollution can indeed cause asthma. But personally I think that psychologic problems can also cause it. For example, if you're down for a long time, or if something is really bothering you for a long time, you can develop it. I got it on my 15th,