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The Link Between Asthma and Atrial Fibrillation

The symptoms of AFib include shortness of breath, fatigue, and chest pain, although you can also have AFib and experience no symptoms at all.

Asthma and AFib risk

After adjusting for sex and age, study participants with uncontrolled asthma at the start of the study had an estimated 74 percent increased risk of developing AFib compared with the participants with no asthma.

The risk of AFib was significantly lower in participants with partly and completely controlled asthma.

Dr. Mark Millard, a pulmonologist affiliated with Baylor University Medical Center in Texas, read the study and told Healthline “However, when you ask how many people who had asthma also experienced atrial fibrillation, compared with those without asthma, I find that the data indicates a little less than double the risk of atrial fibrillation, especially in people taking medication for their asthma.”

The researchers report as many as 98 percent of patients with severe asthma have unbalanced levels of potassium associated with the use of drugs called β2-agonists like Albuterol.

What food causes wheezing or asthma for you?

For me, the ice cream @ Mc Donald's would cause asthma. How about you guys, is there any particular food that you eat, would spike up your wheezing/asthma right away?

Cooking in oil, smell of baking pizza and garlic effect me the most.

For me garlic.

What causes asthma to act up 10 pts?

Sometimes I'm not really sure what causes my asthma to act up, what's a common trigger for you?

Dust, allergens (pollen), cold air & air conditioning, and even fear/shock/surprise.

Well for me it's being in the cold air for awhile, running alot, and I'm allergic to dogs so that trigger my asthma.