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    Asthma: natural remedies for Asthma

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Herbal Remedies? Be Wary of Studies, Keep Your Caregivers in the Loop

Here are some commonly old herbal remedies. Echinacea: The cure for the common cold is still elusive. No doubt, many of you believe in by echinacea, and after hundreds of studies of the flower-derived chemical, there still is think over about whether you're

Crocodiles invade Singapore dining tables

He dishes up about 60 servings a day, ready with his special blend of herbs that cool the body, according to routine Chinese medicine. 'Crocodile is good for asthma. But basically I reflect on sales are picking up because people are becoming more

Fake pill claims: 20 firms booked

“These companies gave misleading advertisements about their products that among other things promised medication for sexual problems, hair fall, body fat and diabetes and asthma in molestation of the law. Many of these claims have no scientific basis,” said

Common cold cure aims to blow out symptoms

Common cold cure aims to blow out symptoms Herbal remedies for reserved Pelikan turned to his mom's prescription of chicken soup, reside and fluids to fight his congestion and sore throat. Studies advance that herbal remedies such as echinacea and zinc have only a modest effect on colds,

Bitter Gourd for weight loss: Here are five amazing health benefits of eating Karela during monsoon

Make it a powerful defence against various illnesses in the body. Hence, consuming bitter melon on a regular can help improve your immune system and fight infections effectively. 

Weight loss

Bitter gourd contains antioxidants that help your body get rid of toxins by stimulating the liver to secrete bile acids that are crucial for metabolising fat in the body. Moreover, bitter melon is low in calories, fat and carbohydrates, so it helps in the reduction of weight.  Read - Health benefits of Jowar (Sorghum): 5 ways this gluten-free grain can help you lose weight, reduce belly fat

Good for diabetes

Bitter gourd is famous for its ability to lower blood sugar levels in diabetics. It contains significant levels of charntin - peptides that resemble insulin - and alkaloids, which help in reducing blood sugar levels.

Purifies blood

Karela contains antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that can help in blood purification, improving blood circulation and skin health. Consuming this vegetable can help treat various skin problems and blood disorders.

I have Asthma, Rhinitis and Sinusitis; are there any herbal remedies to unblock my sinuses?

Having asthma is a pain in the butt enough, but I also have sinusitis and rhinitis; my sinuses are clogged all the time and I can barely breathe through my nose. It really sucks having to breathe loudly through one nostril or to mouth-breathe and I really

My brother used to have the same problems as you!

Anyway, if you have asthma, you don't want to use herbal remedies, because you could be allergic to the herbs and cause yourself even worse problems.

Try salt water rinsing

I saw a commercial the other day for some product that is an adhesive plastic strip that you put on the bridge of your nose to unblock the nasal passages. I can't remember what it was called though - sorry!

If I were you I would get Nasonex or Singulair. Nasonex completely controls allergies and Singulair controls athsma.

What are the best natural remedies to cure asthma?

Please list out the best of the natural, herbal remedies for asthma.

Homeopathy for Asthma :-

Dyspnoea aggravates during winter, worse from exposure to dust, change of weather, cold drinks, exertion, inhaling smoke and in the morning.Hoarseness of voice. Cough with pain in the chest Cassia Sophera Q(Mother

Tulsi leaves, I think that's a kind of basil.

there is actually no cure for asthma but there are many products that can alleviate the sypmtons and reduce the severity of attacks. Although poo pooed by the establishment i found that removing dairy products and wheat from my diet had a hugely positive