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CHEST® partners with Medscape to launch the moderate to severe asthma center of excellence

With prevalence on the increase since the early 1980s, asthma rates continue to rise, particularly in people age 65 and over. More than 25 million people in the U.S. have asthma, and it is the leading chronic disease in children under age 18. The American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) announces a new partnership with Medscape focused on supporting physicians in addressing the challenges of diagnosing and treating moderate to severe asthma. The Moderate to Severe Asthma Center of Excellence will provide news, expert commentary, and insights on challenging cases to physicians specializing in chest medicine, allergy, primary care, pediatrics, and emergency medicine.

CHEST represents more than 19,000 clinicians worldwide, and it serves as an essential connection to clinical knowledge and resources for its 19,000+ members from around the world. Medscape is a leading source of clinical news, health information, and point-of-care tools for physicians and health- care professionals. This new Center of Excellence that will be available on will explore the diagnostic, therapeutic, and prevention strategies associated with moderate to severe asthma, including the latest research and breakthroughs. Topics will include challenges in classifying and diagnosing disease; risks, benefits, and barriers to treatment; and impact to patients' quality of life.

Asthma information?

Can anyone give me some info on childhood asthma or any good websites? My five year old daughter was just diagnosed with it today at her doctor's appointment and it has made me realize how little I know about the condition.

as an adult now that has had asthma all my life, and from one mom to the next. all i can say is please dont stop that child from being a child because of it. my mother wouldn't let me do any type of sports or anything like that, and now sitting here

Singulair, keeping allergies in check and a banana a day for my son have done the trick in controlling it. Go to web MD they have a lot of great information on childhood asthma and ways to help control it

asthma information?

Asthma is an allergy and is triggered by something. The best non medication treatment for asthma is learning your triggers and avoiding them. Common triggers are smoke, dust, mold, mildew, plants, dust mites, pets and grass/weeds.

If you

contact the doctor who gave you the diagnosis.

IN general, asthma constricts the airway passages and medication is needed to breathe properly. Should be treated by an MD. Inhalers can prevent severe attacksl if taken as prescribed. Winter asthma can be treated by an inhaler as well (symptoms include