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Breakthrough to ease smokers' lungs

Breakthrough to ease smokers' lungs Professor Anderson said the pronouncement explained why steroids were effective in treating other inflammatory lung diseases such as asthma, but not COPD. ''Steroid treatments travail by turning off the production of inflammatory substances, but our finding

St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital Offers Bronchial Thermoplasty Treating Severe ...

Since his diagnosis, Pakebusch's pulmonologist has addressed the never-ending exacerbations in his lungs with ongoing steroid and antibiotic treatments. "With asthma there is no getting well-advised b wealthier," explains Pakebusch. "It can strike you at any time;

Treatments for asthma, allergies and arthritis to become safer

Treatments for asthma, allergies and arthritis to become safer Washington, Dec 20 (ANI): A missing component between the body's biological clock and sugar metabolism system has been discovered, which may hands avoid the serious side effects of drugs used for treating asthma, allergies and arthritis.

PTSD a priority at Omaha med schools

The Seagoing said he had asthma. Youngblood figured it was anxiety. Youngblood and other military doctors had paltry understanding then of PTSD, he said. They had virtually no training on how to treat the oft-misunderstood, oft-misdiagnosed jumble.

Understanding How To Properly Treat Asthma

There is no doubt that we have treatments available for asthma that are better than they have ever been before. However, physicians and family members of those who suffer from asthma often don’t understand the best way to use asthma medications that are prescribed.

Unlike many treatments in medicine where a person can take a single pill once or twice a day for treatment of asthma, it can be more complex. For example, there are several types of inhalers which are used. Some inhalers are to immediately relieve the symptoms of asthma while others are used to help prevent asthma attacks from occurring in the first place. If someone uses the inhaler designed to prevent attacks when they are having an attack it doesn’t do any good.

There are other issues such as delivery systems including spacers which can be very complex. Researchers have found that it may be most effective to teach patients how to use these medications while in the office with the physician.

who gives you asthma treatments at a hospital?

i am interested in looking into this field for a career. I know there is usually someone who walks around the hospital from room to room and gives asthma breathing treatments. i was wondering what the job title of this person is?


respiratory therapist

Respiratory Therapist.

Maybe a Respiratory Therapist :-)

Are steroids & some inhalers used for asthma treatments dangerous for your health?

Specifically prendisone, symbicort/advair, and even albuterol/xopenex.

Are these dangerous for us?

I use asthma meds almost daily to control my asthma, and I take prendisone for emergencies.

I almost always

for most people if used correctly; no.

the dangers of un or undertreated asthma is a much greater risk to your health.

prednisone is an oral steroid and it can cause problems with organs etc if used long term at high dosages..which

for most people if used correctly; no.

the dangers of un or undertreated asthma is a much greater risk to your health.

prednisone is an oral steroid and it can cause problems with organs etc if used long term at high dosages..which

Steroids are bad no matter what. Read the list of side effects? I find anything that isn't natural medicine to be very dangerous. I always read the side effects, and most times won't take it because of what I read. I always try to find a natural equivalent.