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alternative treatments for asthma

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Asthma sufferers warned against using 'salt rooms'

BY PETER JEAN, Healthiness REPORTER People with asthma and similar respiratory conditions are being warned against using an increasingly sought-after alternative therapy conducted in ''salt rooms''. People undergoing stash away therapy inhale a dry aerosol solution to

Food allergies require vigilance

"It's asthma, hay fever, eczema, atopic dermatitis — a inclusive increase in allergic diseases." Experts are not sure what's behind the widen, but say it's probably a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Irani believes a theory called

Herbal Remedies? Be Wary of Studies, Keep Your Caregivers in the Loop

There are a growing company of MDs who specialize in integrative medicine and the federal government's Resident Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine examines evidence of various clinical trials of herbal treatments.

Holistic vibe in Norwood

The undertaking of the Norwood Holistic Health Centre is to help patients acquire maximum help through natural therapies, Tavares said. The nave offers herbal medicine, acupuncture, cupping, Reike and palpate, among other therapies.

Asthma Treatment's Significant Unmet Needs May be Addressed By ...

A new whitepaper from business intelligence provider GBI Research - An Exploration of Novel and Repositioned Calcium Transport Mediators as Alternative Asthma Therapeutics - states that the potential approval of anti-asthmatic calcilytics could address significant unmet needs in the asthma space and give sufferers greater control over their condition.

Current asthma treatment options are adequate for the majority of patients, but there are a number of patients - roughly one in 12 - that do not respond to them and therefore suffer inadequate disease control. According to Asthma UK, although it only applies to a minority of patients, this unmet need accounts for around 90% of global healthcare costs associated with asthma.

Associate Analyst Callum Dew notes: "A number of studies have now begun to demonstrate the direct relationship between calcium sensing receptors (CaSR) inhibition - through the use of calcilytics - and levels of bodily fluid biomarkers. Certain blood and bodily fluid biomarkers are known to be associated with asthma, and furthermore increased levels of expression of these biomarkers can correlate with disease severity."

are there alternative treatments for asthma?

are there alternative treatments to mainstream (or "Western") medicine?

see the article at on asthma

Very interesting article here: AM_asthma.htm.
However as stated I repeat make sure your treating doc is aware of any CAM treatments you are applying as some can negate or strengthen meds you are taking and

Alternative treatments for asthma?

I have recently been diagnosed with mild/moderate asthma stemming from severe allergies. I am on a steroid inhaler, and albuterol when needed, but is there anything else I can do to reduce my dependance on the inhalers? Natural, holistic treatments that

There is no cure for asthma and one does not out grow it. You can become symptom free however the underlying cause is always there.

The best non medication treatment for asthma is learning your asthma triggers and avoiding them. If you

well, whatever you do, do NOT stop taking your inhalers until you are 150% absolutely positive the other treatments are working.

Trust me on this one.

I am not sure if I helped you.
Eating Crocodile Meat can help if u have asthma.