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    BIOHM Whole Probiotics Digestive Supplement: Probiotic Formula with Bacteria, Fungus, and Enzymes to Aid Digestion for Men & Women - Best for Healthy Intestine & GI Enhancement: Dairy free 42 Capsules
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    • LIVE CULTURES SURVIVES STOMACH ACIDS. A special coating is applied directly on the probiotic powder during the manufacturing process, which protects the cultures as they make the harsh journey into your gut.
    • AID IN DIGESTION AND INCREASES ENERGY. The active cultures and probiotic strains optimize digestion, promoting full mineral absorption to boost energy levels and metabolism.
    • BIOHM IS LEADING THE WAY. Formulated by a preeminent scientist and researcher, BIOHM is the FIRST and ONLY probiotic engineered to address the critical role fungus plays in digestive health.
    • SAFE AND BENEFICIAL FOR ALL AGES. The organic vegetarian supplements helps both adults and children with their digestive health. They are 100% pure and natural with Non-GMO ingredients
    • BALANCED FOR A HEALTHY DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. BIOHM Whole Probiotics formula is the only probiotic designed to combine good bacteria and good fungi with a powerful enzyme to break down digestive plaque and address total gut balance-- helps to prevent gas, bloating, indigestion and constipation.

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ANE Exhibitors Prep for Third, Final Day

Another tablet company on hand was Eruption XL, which is a male enhancement pill that allows users to last longer in bed by animating their libido, explained company chemist Jamitta. “It is formulated to cure men maintain their erection and stay firm

Sex Trafficking Rampant in Indian Country; Pimps on Prowl for Native Girls

Sex Trafficking Rampant in Indian Country; Pimps on Prowl for Native Girls Klamath tribal associate and Portland, Oregon resident Jeri Sundvall-Williams's horrific sex slavery ended 22 years ago, and it took an attack from a male fellow, who stabbed her multiple times, to give her the courage to break free.

Science News of the Weird for the Weekend: July 22-23, 2017

In Kansas City, it was nearly 100 degrees. I guess I just never noticed how miserably hot Midwestern summers are. And the cicadas? Goodness. Shut up already.

Coming back to the Midwest -- which I don't do often since most of my family has left -- creates in me a weird mix of nostalgia and déjà vu. But it's definitely not as weird as these stories from the past week:

1. Mice fall from the ceiling of Chipotle. The PR team at Chipotle just can't catch a break. In 2015, you were more likely to get sick from eating at Chipotle than you were to get bitten by a shark . Just this week, a Norovirus outbreak occurred yet again at a Chipotle restaurant, this time in Virginia. Yesterday, a customer at a Dallas Chipotle filmed mice falling from the ceiling . Admittedly, I'm suffering from a bit of Schadenfreude. The company made a big fuss over how it's food was safer and healthier than everybody else's because they removed all GMOs. Unfortunately, in their anti-biotechnology moral crusade, they forgot about basic stuff, like personal hygiene, cooking food properly, and hiring exterminators. As ACSH President Hank Campbell said, "I now believe in karma."

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