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The little piece of DNA that makes girls boys

. “It is the amazing set of experimental approaches that were used in the paper that really make it groundbreaking,” says Blanche Capel, a developmental biologist at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

About one in every 5500 human babies born has some problem related to its gender. Some have the male chromosome but no testes, for example, and doctors can figure out the reason for these abnormalities in fewer than half of all cases. Now, they can check to see whether the human version of this enhancer is disrupted in some way, Capel says. Harley, for example, has already started looking at the genomes of his patients to see whether their unexplained sex determination problems can be traced to this switch.

“It’s so important in mice, it’s probably important in humans as well,” Lovell-Badge says. “It may be that you could use this [finding] to understand, and perhaps actually change, the gonad function.” Capel predicts an even broader impact of the enhancer-finding methods. The approach taken “may be a way of defining what might be causal for diseases.”

What are the risks of taking male enhancers underage?

Basically, I want to know what the risks are of taking male enhancers, and then te risks of taking them when you're, I dunno, 13 or 14. What negative effects could it have on your body? How long-term are the effects? Could anything good come out of it?

You can do more harm than good, Bubba!
Most of them are scams & don't work anyway.
Genetics rule - you cannot re-program genetics.
You cannot MAKE your penis grow.
What you see is what you get - - nothing more - - nothing

no, pretty much nothing good can come of such things.

hormones are very important. screwing with them in the wrong way can mess up your body's development permenantly

You run the risk of wasting your money on a product that doesn't work.

Male enhancers?

Is there really a way for a cream or pill to make you larger. I can't believe companies are allowed to advertise a product that is useless? What happened to false advertising? I've never tried one but am amazed at how many men do.

Of course, none of them really work. There is little integrity in the field of advertising and (at least in the US), the FDA won't bother to check it out if it's not an actual drug, and no one will get on the manufacturers case unless there are complaints.

Its all fake !! playing on men's insecurities.

You can do different types of exercises which are taught in gym but do not go for male enhancers. I do not believe it.