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    Prolixus: Webster's Timeline History, 1854 - 2007
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    Efecto de la canela sobre Rhodnius prolixus Stål 1859 (Triatominae): Efecto de la canela sobre la muda,sobrevivencia y oviposición de Rhodnius ... (Reduviidae:Triatominae) (Spanish Edition)
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    Editorial Académica Española

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Mal de chagas

En los insectos transmisores más comunes, llamados comúnmente chipos o chupones, los cuales son alados, pero capacitados para vuelos cortos y estrictamente hematófagos: Panstrongylus megistus, Triatoma infestans y Rhodnius prolixus (éste último el más

Researchers attempt to stop the kiss of death

Chagas disease is spread by Rhodnius prolixus and other kissing bug species.

Not as sweet as it sounds, the kissing bug earned its name because it bites people's faces, usually around the mouth, and feed on their blood at night . The insects typically defecate after feeding and can pass the T. cruzi parasite that causes the disease if the person accidentally rubs the infected feces into the bite wound. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported infections in Arkansas, Arizona, Tennessee and Texas and is warning Floridians about the potentially deadly disease.

Biologists Fernando G. Noriega and Marcela Nouzova are part of the international research team who sequenced nearly all of Rhodnius prolixus' DNA, completing a comprehensive analysis of its genetic material. Understanding an organism's genetic makeup helps understand how its genes work together to direct the growth, development and maintenance of the entire organism.

does prolixus really work?

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I did a yahoo search and it seems like there are 4 or 5 different plants called prolixus. Do you know the specific one that supposedly does what your question suggests?