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When it comes to venom, assassin bugs are double trouble

Assassin bugs are little things but, boy, are they nasty. At least, they are if you happen to be an insect they consider to be prey – or, indeed, a rat or bird seeking to convert one into lunch.

The name of the bugs – which covers about 300 species clustered into the family Reduviidae – already implies that they are not to be trifled with. New research led by molecular bioscientist Andrew Walker from the University of Queensland, however, has revealed that they are far, far more unpleasant than previously thought.

In a paper published in the journal Nature Communications , Walker and his colleagues use imaging data to show that the assassin bug has not one but three distinct venom glands. More, it produces two entirely separate types of venom – one to conquer prey, and the other to repel predators.

“We discovered that assassin bugs actually make two different venoms, each containing a unique cocktail of over 100 different toxins,” Walker says.

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