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'Incorrectly applied' eyelash extensions leave woman with flaky eyelids, bleached eyelashes

Whitten approached Everlast Nails and Beauty with her receipt and photos of her eye irritation to ask for a refund, but the manager refused and told her the irritation had been caused by makeup, she said. 

"She said it was a normal thing, that lots of girls have that happen, and couldn't see anything wrong."

After reviewing the company's policy online, Whitten re-approached the salon, stating she believed she qualified for a refund under a clause that said one would be granted if the "the result doesn't meet our standard" and if the "refund request is genuine and reasonable".

"In my opinion, I fall under that. It's not up to standard. You've provided me with a service that hasn't gone how it was meant to."

Eye lashes?

i pulled out some of my eye lashes, its not serious, but just wondering that do they grow back?

Yes they do grow back. It does take awhile for them to be full again. But, be careful!!!! You should see results in a few weeks.


Yes, but don't do it again. They take time to grow back. They block dust from getting in your eyes.

Eye Lashes?

On both my eyes on the top eye lashes i have a few eye lashes that are a little bit higher than the rest. Only a tiny bit but you can notice it a little bit. They arent on the line more on my eye lid. Would it be safe to try an pluck them out *theres

Everyone has a few lashes that are uneven. Most of the time you cannot see them. I know we are more critical of our selves, but ppl will not notice yours either.
Love that this is what makes

leave them, its totally normal

do NOT pluck your will really hurt and is not good for you eyelid at all! And may effect growth of other eyelashes. Just leave it, its perfectly natural =]