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WorkinCT #CTConfident: Helping women tackle hair loss head on

“The biggest reason was they’re maintenance free.  The style is already in the wigs, so they’re literally wash and wear.  You put it on, run your fingers through it, maybe a comb, and out the door you go,” said Webber.

Webber says the wigs can be ordered in a wide variety of colors and styles and range in price from $99 to $299.

One woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, says her wig has been a game changer when she travels.

“Every night I was washing or every morning I would wash, blow dry my hair, have to bring a roller, I have to bring a curling iron, I have to bring all the paraphernalia – or I could bring a wig and have lots of room in my luggage for souvenirs,” she said.

Others use the wigs to get through difficult rounds of chemotherapy.

“A lot of women will come before they start chemo because typically hair loss starts after the first chemo treatment,” said Webber.

Since hair loss can be a very personal issue, Webber says she meets one-on-one with her clients at her South Windsor location.  She can also bring a selection of wigs to their homes if they’re homebound.

Permanent Makeup?

Can someone please post info on permanent makeup (for the lips)? How old do you have to be to get it? What are risks and stuff? How will affect regular makeup? Thanks.
Please don't post sarcastic comments.
Also can getting permanent lipstick

i wouldn't get permanent makeup done unless i was like in my 50s or older and very set in my makeup habits, when you are young you like to experiment and try new things

check out a picture of Tammy Faye Baker, that will answer all your questions.
this is not sarcasm, it's truth...if you do not die you will get old, and you will be stuck with the look of 30 40 years past.

Oh, honey, please don't do this!

I have several clients who have done it, and even the few who had it done by someone who was actually good look ridiculous! It's a harsh look, and so completely unnatural...

Yes, you can

permanent makeup?

has anyone ever heard of permanent makeup. i can't find any websites on it, i want to have permanent eyeliner put on the bottom of my eye, i'm sick of doing it every morning, it always clumps up and my bottom eyelashes get in the way and end up getting

You should never get your eyes permanently tattooed in because when your 80 the eyeliner will look all droopy and bad.

yes ive heard of it and i wouldnt reccommend it because really when your like 60 years old do you think your going to want to have eyeliner on all the time? think about it...haha

check the yellow page, most of get it done from a tattoo place