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    Ellipse Eyelash Extensions 0.15mm D Curl 8-15mm Mixed Flat Eyelash Extension supplies Light Lashes Matte Individual Eyelashes Salon Use Black Mink False Lashes Mink Lashes Extensions(D-0.15-MIXED)
    Beauty (Qing Dao Guang Li Yong Xin Company Limited)

    Qing Dao Guang Li Yong Xin Company Limited

    List Price: $19.98
    Price: $19.98
    You Save: $10.10 (51%)

    • 1.Eyelash Extension Flat lashes have a slightly oval shape, rather than being rounded, Flat lashes are a great option for those clients who are hoping for a dramatic look, but don't quite have the natural lashes to hold conventional extensions.
    • 2.The EllIPSE-SHAPED and inside HOLLOW let it 47% lighter than the average eyelash extension with improved comfort and longevity.
    • 5.100% Guarantee Return Policy , If You Don't Like Our Products , Please don't worry , just contact us , we will do the best solution .
    • 4.Matte Deep Black Finish Make More Thickner Look With Special Light Weight.Softer Frame Line and texture due to its split tip .
    • 3.In addition to providing increased attachment surface area for adhesion, the flatter ellipse-shaped base also fills and corrects the appearance of gaps between natural eyelashes, creating a unique eyeliner effect and the illusion of a fuller natural lash line.

    LASHVIEW Ellipse Eyelash Extensions 0.15mm D Curl 8-15mm Mix Flat Eyelash Extension Light Lashes Individual Eyelashes Black Mink False Lashes Mink Lashes Extensions Salon Use
    Beauty (Xizi)


    List Price: $14.32
    Price: $14.32
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    • The 0.15 D curl flat lashes feels much softer than 0.07mm lashes.
    • Ellipse Eyelash Extensions 0.15mm D Curl increase the surface area between the glue and false eyelash. Retains its curl for twice as long.
    • The 0.15mm flat eyelash extension only a fraction of the weight of normal eyelash extensions.
    • Wholesale or large quantities to buy false eyelashes please contact us. Thank you.
    • Comfortable to wear, less irritated feel to eyelids. Easy to use for eyelash extension.

Types of eyelash extension looks and styling tips every woman should know

The eyelash extension looks are in the trend for quite some time now. They tend to give a dramatic look to the eye and metamorphose a person’s entire personality. Mascaras are beautiful as well; however, the effect eyelash extensions provide cannot be achieved by mascara, and we all know that! You probably have seen pictures of eyelash extensions before and after, and evidently, it left you baffled with the outcome.  Though, there are varieties of eyelash extension designs such as the pen eye, natural eye, cat eye and the doll eye eyelash extensions. Many opt for a natural eyelash extension; however if you want to go for the doll eyelash extensions, it is cool.

Once you have picked your style , your lash artist would tell you about the length, thickness and curl type of the lashes in order to attain what you desire. For reference, you can go to Pinterest to find an eyelash extension style chart, so that you would know what your lash expert is talking about. Furthermore, eyelash extensions are pan free; all you got to do is to lie comfortably on a massage table and be relaxed. However, you have to make sure you are free the entire day as it is a good 2.5-3 hours of work. So do not make your lash artist do things in a rush.

eyelash extension?

i'm asian and have non existant eyelashes, like most asians. I've been thinking about getting eyelash extensions....but the prices are steep in the pockets. I dont know if it will be worth it. Everytime i wear mascara it breaks my lashes. Are there any

wow, your hot, you dont need to change the way you look, you look very hot. did I say your hot?

You can wear fake eyelashes.
There are some great lengthening mascaras - Maybelline Define a Lash is very nice. I use a product called Lash Extensions that is sold by HSN.COM - it is absolutely excellent - it brushes little fibers on your lashes

Have you considered purchasing the singular, glue on lashes (like at Sally's) and applying them yourself where you need them??? the cost is quite slight...................I use them frequently............about 2 to 3 $ .....

Check it

Where do salons but their eyelash extension kit here in Philippines?

I am planning to have my own kit of eyelash extension because its too expensive to have touch ups on the salons..

try SM

go to government agencies like TESDA or at DOLE office then ask about it, that agencies are responsible to answer your question