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    HELLO BEAUTY Multipack Demi Wispies Fake Eyelashes (5Pack)
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    Ardell Multipack Demi Wispies Fake Eyelashes
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    • Easy to apply and remove
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Katy Perry to Launch False Eyelashes Line in February Jan 11th 2012 1:45PM

Katy Perry to Launch False Eyelashes Line in February Jan 11th 2012 1:45PM The pop star is launching her very own edging of false eyelashes next month in conjunction Read More » Jan 10th 2012 6:00PM 'The Affair Life of an American Teenager' actress Megan Deposit is teaming up with peta2 for a new anti-fur PSA and ad campaign,

Katy Perry Is Selling Fake Eyelashes

Katy Perry Is Selling Fake Eyelashes Confirmed the chance to create her own eyelashes, I'd expect something wacky from Perry, like glitter or bling or even a undersized color. Luckily, we won't have long to wait: her brand new set of false eyelashes is on the way. Perry is partnering with Eylure

Red Carpet Beauty Secret #1: False Eyelashes (Do It At Home)

Yet, there is one fixation I can never seem to do at home: Put on false eyelashes. If you even mess up a little bit, you get that wonky eyed look that Mary Tyler Moore made fun of during a illustrious episode of her series. Yet, nothing says glamour for your

Wearing False Eyelashes to the Grocery is a Very Good Idea

Wearing False Eyelashes to the Grocery is a Very Good Idea I loved discovery this photo of Olivia Munn out grocery shopping in my inbox this morning, because even though she's acting all uncertain and ho hum as she checks out a bottle of Trop 50, her heavy makeup, skintight skirt, and false eyelashes absolutely give

Eyelash addiction: Salons respond to customers' demand for long, lush lashes

The individual lashes are glued on one at a time and fall away as the natural lash to which they are applied is shed. To maintain the look, the lashes need to be filled in every three to four weeks.

Jawed said women of all ages are seeking to enhance their lashes.

"Our customers are girls from high school going to prom to housewives and CEOs," Jawed said. "There are women who are going through cancer treatment or have light lashes. There are so many reasons they get the extensions."

Melanne Ray, a stylist who applies eyelash extensions at Salon Noemi in Western Springs, said many clients want a natural look, but the lashes also can be more dramatic. They come in a variety of lengths, volumes and even in colors such as pink and purple.

"It's really customizable," Ray said. "You can get any look you want with the eyelashes."

Ray said anyone interested in getting lash extensions needs to be sure they go to a place where the lashes will be applied properly. They should expect the process to take about an hour for a full set of lashes.

False eyelashes?

I am interested in using false eyelashes in place of mascara, I was wondering if anyone had any good brands to suggest or tips for me? thanks. also, anything good for stretch marks?

I only wear false eyelashes on special occasions. When I wear them I use Andrea MOD Permalash Naturals (Individual Lashes)

I think that individual lashes are easier to put on and more importantly they stay put much longer. One piece eyelashes

it is called cherry beuaty supply in Oak Park

All I would suggest is that you buy the packages that come with glue to avoid the extra cost.
Revlon has good false eyelashes.

false eyelashes?

I need to take off my false eyelashes. My friend is a professional make up artist. She put them on me but i left her house with them on and forget to ask her to remove them! I already tried cream and makeup remover. I'm starting to get frustrated!! any

Do not pull them.

Apply a material that will loosen the glue (like olive oil). Massage it on the eyelashes and wait for a couple of minutes. The oil will help remove the glue and the eyelashes should peel right off.


pull them off uh-duh

Um did she glue with super glue or something?? You should just be able to pull them off...