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HCG Diet Blog Clarifies Difference Between hCG and Diet Pills

fat burners, desire suppressants and carb-blockers are some of the most popular varieties. Unfortunately, while many diet pills do work, others are filled with stimulants and chemicals and create an array of harmful and unpleasant side-effects.

does anyone know if carb blocker pills actually work?

i have jamieson slim down fat and carb blocker pills and i want to know if they actually work
it says on the box its an all natural product

Check this out: qid=20061014110332AAoEXDq

It doesn't answer your question in a definite YES or NO, but it will definitely provide you with more information.

According to a warning

no they dont because they are not natural

Carb blockers do work in to a point. They do "encapsulate" what you are digesting and in turn put your body in motion to eliminate. Trouble can lose necessary vitamins and minerals in the elimination process.

The only

Carb Blocker?

What is a carb blocker, how does it work and if it does work is it safe?

carb blocker justs block the carb ,which is good for health.I use this one "Nutrilite® Carb Blocker 2" ,Block up to 500 calories per mealLab tests show that one 3-tablet serving has a powerful carb-blocking effect. This suggests that it may

carb blocker justs block the carb ,which is good for health.I use this one "Nutrilite® Carb Blocker 2" ,Block up to 500 calories per mealLab tests show that one 3-tablet serving has a powerful carb-blocking effect. This suggests that it may

i believe it is made from kidney bean extract.
i have tried it a couple times and it never really seemed to work.
i found myself with some gut pain and gas that discouraged me from trying it again.