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More stringent emissions testing for California trucks

“We think this program is unnecessary since CARB already requires annual periodic smoke testing,” Rajkovacz says. “On top of that, they have a roadside inspection program where they pull you aside and do a snap idle test to check the opacity level of the smoke leaving the stack.”

California-domiciled trucks  already have to meet the state’s Truck and Bus Regulation beginning in 2020 , or the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles will block the truck’s registration.

Fees collected as part of the program for testing would be deposited into a new Truck Emission Check Fund, which the bill says would be used for administrative purposes of the program. Any penalties collected from violations of the program would be deposited into the state’s Air Pollution Control Fund.

The program proposed in the bill would also have a database that would be used to collect and track data on tested trucks, then send the data to the California Department of Motor Vehicles to make sure a truck can be registered to use California’s roads.