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yeast infection redness

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Female Reproductive System Disorder: Vaginal Yeast Infection

distressing urination; redness and swelling of the vulva. Yeast infections are treated with antifungal drugs says Merck Manuals. They may be applied to the stricken area with cream, inserted into the vagina as a suppository, or taken orally.

How to eat your way to health

It's the density's response to injury, infection, irritation or imbalance causing the symptoms of redness, soreness, warm up excite, swelling or loss of function. When any four of these factors persists, the affected tissues aren't becomingly healed and the result is

when you have a yeast infection does the redness hurt?

i have a small spot of redness i was wondering if it supposed to hurt a lil?

First of all, are you sure that you have a yeast infection? A lot of things can appear to feel like a yeast infection, but unless you have that milky, gross stuff, it might not be a yeast infection and could be something else. You can use a hand mirror

yeast infection?

aside from itching does a yeast infection cause redness and irritation?

Yeast Infections

Women who have experienced a yeast infection can vouch for just how uncomfortable and miserable it can make your life. Although a yeast infection is not a sexually transmitted disease, it is possible to pass it back and qid=20070428084525AAQZCDt&r=w

Yes, see your doc. aeap.Coz it spreds very fastly.Don't ask any other for the tab.or medicine coz it depends on person to person.