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    Health and Beauty (Pink Stork)

    Pink Stork

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    Price: $19.99

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    Pink Stork Morning Sickness Tea: Ginger-Peach, USDA Organic Loose Leaf Herbs in Biodegradable Sachets, Morning Sickness, Nausea, Cramps, Indigestion Relief -30 cups, Caffeine-Free
    Health and Beauty (Pink Stork)

    Pink Stork

    List Price: $11.99
    Price: $11.99

    • AMPLIFIED MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Thanks to organic ingredients and our biodegradable pyramid design, you get much bigger portions of yummy tea and organic ginger than traditional tea bags. The health benefits are amplified for faster, more effective results.
    • NATURAL MORNING SICKNESS REMEDY: Morning sickness is a less-than-ideal way to start your day. But thanks to the proven effects of ingredients like ginger and Ceylon black tea, our hydrating drink settles your stomach, easing nausea and the symptoms of severe morning sickness!
    • 100% ORGANIC, GLUTEN-FREE, NON-GMO, VEGAN, & KOSHER: Just like Pink Stork's other products, Morning Sickness Tea contains only the highest quality Non-GMO and organic herbs available. Enjoy large servings of digestion-enhancing herbs in a blend that's delicious hot or cold.
    • BACKED BY OUR HAPPINESS GUARANTEE: Pink Stork is dedicated to delivering happy and healthy families. If you are unsatisfied with our products in anyway, we ask that you please let us know, so we have the chance to make it right. We won't stop until you're happy!
    • MULTI-SYMPTOM RELIEF: Our ginger tea is more than just a natural remedy for morning sickness! With regular consumption, our potent tea leaves and powerhouse herbs promote relief from cramps, constipation, diarrhea and motion sickness by relaxing the intestinal tract.

School May Be Liable for Yeast Infection Bullying

(CN) - A gal who says she became suicidal as bullies ridiculed her yeast infection with scratching sounds can sue the Scranton State school District, a federal judge ruled. OP was a South Scranton seventh grader "in her 5th duration reading class on an

Female Reproductive System Disorder: Vaginal Yeast Infection

NIH states this can be caused by antibiotics familiar to treat other types of infections. They decrease the number of protective bacteria. WebMD adds elaborate estrogen levels caused by pregnancy or hormone replacement therapy can also induce a yeast infection.

Dubi: Fungal or yeast infection

On the cards factors can cause these yeasts; can convert to a pathogenic form known as Malassezia furfur, which causes the outbreak of tinea versicolor. Some of these predisposing factors include pregnancy, diabetes, malnutrition, burns, steroid psychoanalysis,

Autistic Children Have Different Guts

*Why is it that the first endorse that diabetics have is yeast infections? *Why does a lot of Alizheimers patients have C-Diff a clostridium bacteria. *Why does some kids with autism have an over evolution of the clostridium bacteria.

Fight the yeast infections during pregnancy with natural ingredients!

Vulvovaginal candidiasis is the name for the yeast infection that the women are at a risk of contracting during pregnancy. The statistics reveal that out of 4 women 3 women will suffer from at least one yeast infection during their lifetime and 45% of the women go through two or more types of yeast infections. In order to fight this, the article is here to help the ladies who are going to give birth to the babies. It is necessary to stay healthy and fight these infections in the home itself.


Apple Cider Vinegar:


This is acidic in nature and consuming it in small amounts not only makes the fungus stay away from the body, but it also stops the fungus to grow and return. It can be taken with water or can be applied to the area directly in small amounts.




This inhibits the Candida species. It can be taken in the raw form of 2 to 3 cloves daily or it can be taken in the powdered form to stay fit and fine.

What to do about pregnancy yeast infection?

My friend has been sick with reacuring yeast infections during her pregnancy. She has taken the over the counter stuff and has tried the prescription medicine. What should she do now? Is it dangerous for the baby if it is not treated before she gives

First and foremost the most important thing to do is for her to notify her doctor. While yeast infections are more common during pregnancy, there are other things that can cause the same and similar symptoms. A doctor should verify that the cause is

A lot of women experience multiple yeast infections during pregnancy. She should start eating lots of yogurt since the pro-biotic elements can help to clear it up and prevent another one.

She should talk to her doctor about this. I do not

She can use plain yogurt in place of OTC products. I use it and it works in 1/4 of the time. I would advise calling the OB first but mine said it was ok. Good luck.

How to treat a vaginal yeast infection during pregnancy?

I am on the 10th week of pregnancy and I have a vaginal yeast infection. My doctor has prescribed me metronidazole and miconazole nitrate. I read about the metronidazole and found out that it PROBABLY can be harmfull (birth defects). So, now I would like

When doctors decide on what medicine to give you, they weight the pro's and con's of the medicine. Also when you say that is can be harmful this means that they did a test and most likely 1 out of 400,000 babies had something wrong when they were born,

if youre doctor prescribed it you should be fine! You need to change to cotton panties

I am in my 22nd week and I too have come down with a yeast infection. It's dang miserable! Miconazole is fine to use during pregnancy. Your doctor would not have prescribed it if it was not safe. If you go untreated the infection could get worse! Trust