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Where can i find Beauty/Makeup tips tricks or secrets ?

Where can i find beauty/makeup tips tricks i need to know some really good websites please ot beauty tutorials/ makeup tutorials!!!! Please help.

well, if you go subscribe to magazines they always have great tips, [more of the fashion magazines]. but go to youtube and type in like certain things you need help on like eyebrows, hairstyles, lips, ect. try some of it helps but

covergirl .com

Go to youtube and look up Xsparkage, MichellePhan, and AllThatGlitters21. Then from there you'll be able to find great tutorials :)

What are some good makeup/beauty tips?

Like how to keep your eye liner from smudging. Is it better to use pencil or black eyeshadow? How do you deal with an oily face? How do you keep your hair smooth all day? Any beauty secrets or tips are welcome.

EYELINER!!! I have an awesome tip on eyeliner!!! Ok, I fell in love with it b/c my eyeliner always smudges and I HATE it so much!!! You can buy it at your local Merle Norman. ml

That is the link

Mary Kay cosmetics. Takes care of oily skin, smudging, clown cheeks. Good stuff!! Call a local consultant and ask for a free demo. That I do know. What I don't know is how to keep my hair smooth all day. I just let mine go and call it the "wild and