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formula for blood pressure

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Has Salt Gotten An Unfair Shake? : Shots - Health News : NPR

For such a simple compound, salt is complicated.

Sodium is a key element in table salt, and it's also essential for life. It helps regulate our blood volume. It shuttles nutrients into our bodies and brains. It allows our muscles to contract and our nerves to pulse with electricity. Yet for decades, we've been told to avoid it.

Since the 1970s, most major nutrition and health guidelines have cautioned against eating too much sodium, citing associations with high blood pressure that could lead to heart attack and stroke. Recommendations put forth from the Institute of Medicine — now called the National Academy of Medicine — and jointly by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Agriculture in particular have consistently urged us to restrict sodium intake to 2.3 grams per day, equivalent to about 1 teaspoon of salt. Some recommendations even go as low as 1.5 grams for certain people.

Yet on average, Americans eat 3.4 grams per day , mostly cloaked by the fine print on processed food .

What is the formula for Blood pressure?

Im taking an EMT course and cannot find the answer to this question? Choices are;
stroke volume
heart rate x stroke volume
cardiac output x peripheal vascular resistance
peripheal vascular resistance x heart rate

its cardiac output x peripheral vascular resistance the blood flow rate of heart vs the resistance of blood vessels

It's an odd way of phrasing the question, but the best answer (amongst these choices), in my opinion is:

cardiac output x peripheral vascular resistance

i think i learned this when i was learning CPR in class
i think it is heart rate x stroke volume

not really sure though

formula for blood pressure?

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