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    VetBioTek BioHex Chlorhexidine and MicroSilver Cleansing Wipes for Hot Spots and Skin Folds on Dogs and Cats (50 Count)
    Pet Products (VetBiotek)


    List Price: $16.57
    Price: $16.57

    • RESTORE THE SKIN BARRIER - VetBiotek BioHex Wipes features Ceramide III to help promote healthy skin in your pet.
    • FORMULATED FOR REDUCING HOT SPOTS AND LESIONS- These antibacterial and anti-yeast Chlorhexidine Pads with MicroSilver BG are Designed to Clean Hot Spots, Skin Folds, Axillae, and Groin Areas and aid in the reduction of harmful bacteria and yeast.
    • ** 50 PADS PER JAR ** Compared to other pads on the market, one jar of BioHex Wipes will help your pet nearly twice as long!
    • LONG-LASTING RELIEF WITH MICROSILVER BG - Exclusive to VetBiotek, MicroSilver BG attaches to your pet's skin when you use the pad and stays on the skin until the next bath.
    • GREAT FOR CLEANING AND DISINFECTING HARD TO CLEAN AREAS - Presoaked with Micellar water, these pads make it easy to clean and disinfect skin folds, areas between the paw pads, chin acne, and around the ears.
    • THE ONLY PAD THAT CONTAINS REVOLUTIONARY MICROSILVER BG - MicroSilver BG is a proprietary ingredient that helps control bacteria, yeast, and biofilm in your pet's skin.

    Burt's Bees Baby 100% Natural Dusting Powder, Talc-Free Baby Powder - 4.5 Ounce Bottle (Pack of 3)
    Health and Beauty (Burt's Bees)

    Burt's Bees

    List Price: $17.97
    Price: $17.97

    • BABY SKIN CARE: This natural baby care provides gentle comfort and calming relief for diaper rashes and helps absorb dampness after bath time.
    • BABY DUSTING POWDER: Pamper your baby's skin from head to toe with this calming baby powder that will help keep skin soft, dry and comfortable.
    • LIGHTLY SCENTED: The mild, clean scent of this powder keeps your baby smelling fresh in-between diaper changes while soothing skin.
    • 100% NATURAL: Burt's Bees dusting powder is talc-free with naturally absorbent Cornstarch and is formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS.
    • PEDIATRICIAN TESTED: This hypo-allergenic dusting powder is clinically proven to be safe, effective and non-irritating to nurture baby's delicate skin.

Animal feces not all that's in NFL players' mouthguards

They tend teeth, tongues and lips. They act as shock absorbers to prevent concussions. And they are a valuable delivery system for a range of bacteria, He collaborated on a study that found microbial contamination of mouthguards by bacteria, yeasts

15 things your eyes, hair and skin could be trying to reveal about your health

Dry eyes could be due to the weather or cigarette smoke; however, it could also be a symptom of thyroid disease or autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. If dry eyes are a regular occurrence for you, go and get it checked by a doctor.

5. Twitchy eyes

If your eyes get overly teary, then it’s time for you to you shut down all your electronic devices and catch some shut eye. If the twitch doesn’t go away, it could mean a neurological problem.

6. Night blindness

Night blindness is the inability to see in low light, and if that happens at a young age, it could mean that you’re suffering from vitamin A deficiency. You should start eating foods like carrots, kale and spinach.


The state of your hair could point at various health issues . Here’s how you can monitor your overall well being and spot a problem.

7. Thinning eyebrows

Hyperthyroidism could lead to hair loss, and this can be most visible in your eyebrows. If the outer third of your eyebrow start looking patchy, your thyroid hormones may be responsible.

Could cuts on vaginal lips be from yeast infection?

I have been getting cuts on the inside creases of my vaginal lips. They do not bleed but are bright red and very sore. I was experiencing a lot of discharge, itchiness and discomfort as well. I have been to my doctor and they have done and STD test and

Yes, it's probably a yeast infection. I know when I get one, and it's itchy, the skin is already fragile and easy to tear. I ride horses, so it gets even worse. I usually have cuts on my labia as well. I rub Vaseline (the yellow, greasy stuff) over the

you may be a little dry or scratch yourself when you wipe

Do you have good hygeine? Maybe it could be a soap your allergic to or maybe if your using douche. That happened to me once when i douched and i never did it again

When you have a yeast infection, is it common to have small, pimple-like sores on your vaginal lips?

This past week I have been treating myself for a yeast infection. I recently found small, pimple-like sores around my vaginal lips. They haven't worsened and only 1 is painful. The itching and discomfort of the infection has faded. What could these be?

No, it's not normal.. Go to the doctor immediately. It sounds like you might have a STD or something... Don't freak out, but go to the doctor!

No, it does not sound like a yeast infection symptom. It does however sound like an STD.

does it look like they have puss in them or look like blisters? sounds like herpies