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    Candida Cleanse Yeast Infection Cleanse Supplement with Caprylic Acid, Oil of Oregano, Acidophilus, Black Walnut, and Probiotics: Powerful Yet Gentle Formula to Treat Yeast Infections: 60 Capsules
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    • DID YOU KNOW Candida albicans is a form of yeast present in up to 80 of the population? When kept unchecked, the presence of Candida can go virtually unnoticed. We created Candida Clear specifically to keep your Candida levels in check!
    • FEEL BETTER IN NO TIME - GUARANTEED: Potent 4-in-1 Formula. 1: Detoxifies and Purges. 2: Breaks down Candida. 3: Helps eliminate Candida Cells. 4: Restores healthy gut flora
    • RESTORE HEALTHY GUT FLORA: Candida Clear also promotes restoration of healthy gut flora with L. Acidophilus and helps strengthen your immune system without unwanted side effects.
    • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: PuraVida Naturals is a brand you can trust! If you don't like our product, we'll refund you. Add to Cart to to start your Candida Cleanse now!
    • POWERFUL YET GENTLE ON YOUR BODY: Candida Clear combines natural herbs in a potent formula for fast relief, while being easy on your body.

    Candida Cleanse – 100% Money Back Guarantee – Extra Strength Yeast Infection Treatment – With Herbs, Antifungals, Enzymes, Probiotics – Kills Candida, Prevents Reoccurrence (60 Ct)
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    • RESTORE HEALTHY GUT FLORA NATURALLY WITH PROBIOTICS AND DIGESTIVE ENZYMES - Probiotics are the cornerstone of a healthy immune system. Our Candida Cleanse Support contains L. Acidophilus and Protease to help restore healthy gut flora and protect your immune system. Just two taken with a meal daily is your way to a healthy and a balanced gut (GI).
    • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Try our Candida Cleanse Support Risk Free! We back our product with no questions asked. If you don't like our Candida Cleanse Support for any reason (BUT YOU WILL!) simply ask for a refund.
    • ATTACKS YEAST INFECTION AT THE SOURCE: Fungal Creams and other external treatments only cover up the problem. Excess yeast that causes yeast infections comes from having Candida Overgrowth that stops your body from detoxing the yeast in your system. So by cleansing Candida overgrowth, you may effectively solve your yeast infection problems.
    • CLEANSE AND PURGE CANDIDA FROM YOUR SYSTEM - Our 1275mg Extra Strength, yet Gentle Candida Support rids your body of Candida with Natural herbs and antifungals that include Oregano Extract, Caprylic Acid, Black Walnut and Wormwood. These Kill the Candida and help fight overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria.
    • PEACE OF MIND KNOWING IT'S MADE IN THE USA - No need to risk your health with unsafe imported supplements. Jumzu Candida Cleanse Support is produced right here in the USA. We don't use artificial flavors or colors and our products are manufactured adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) in an FDA certified lab giving you 100% peace of mind.

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Has your child developed a really bad yeast infection after wearing the Santa diapers?

I know two children that have developed really bad yeast infections. Nystatin did not clear up their infections. One child's infection became so sever it turned into a staff infection. They both had recently worn Santa diapers. I don't know if the

Nope. I bought a pack for my daughter and we had no problems. I also know quite a few others who used them and none of them had any problems.

Can a yeast infection cause and unborn child to become blind?

I know a woman who has been acussed of being a drug addict and one to sleep with everyone. Her daughter was born and her eyes became messed up and she ended up needing surgery and is almost legally blind. She says it because she had a yeast infection

No, a yeast infection doesn't have any major effect on an unborn child.