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    • PTPA- Parent Tested Parent Approved Winner! All Natural Topical Probiotic Spray for Diaper Rash, Cradle Cap, Eczema, Rosacea, Hand-Foot-Mouth, Bug/Ant Bites, Sores, Cuts, Acne and Other Skin Irritations. Especially Beneficial for C-SECTION BABIES Who Did Not Receive that First Inoculation of Beneficial Flora from the Birth Canal.
    • Only PROBIOTICS and Purified Water - Cleans Under the Skins Surface at the Microscopic Level and Removes Bacteria that Cause Skin Irritations, Sores, Redness, Itch, dryness, acne, rash. Adds Protective Shield of Good Bacteria to Fight Off Exposure to Bad Bacteria.

    Flora-Guard 50 (120 capsules) Acido Candida Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Lacto Casei Non Dairy Probiotic Treatment for Yeast Infection - Great for kids, men, women + FREE CANDIDA ANSWERS BOOK!
    Health and Beauty (Candida Wellness)

    Candida Wellness

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    Price: $75.25

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    • Dairy Free

Garlic -- history, growing tips and things you might not know about the stinky ...

Garlic -- history, growing tips and things you might not know about the stinky ... People use garlic as an counteractant to spider, scorpion and rat bites, for athlete's foot and yeast infections, for earaches and insomnia. Garlic has been acquainted with Parents placed it under their children's pillows to protect them while they slept. Brides

'Fun Size' aims low with laughs

It's sad, and degenerate, and made me wish for an on-screen appearance by Fictional Child Protective Services. During the maniacal night, Wren loses Albert, and with the help of the obviously bothered Roosevelt (Thomas The other features a giant chicken

Hiram College microbiologist's tests reveal staph, fecal bacteria on local ...

Hiram College microbiologist's tests reveal staph, fecal bacteria on local ... CLEVELAND - An classy 5 On Your Side investigation found infectious and disgusting germs could be lurking on your child's lunch bag. "You don't even be in want of that much that if you were able to get that in a dose into an open wound or were dealing

Researchers differ over health benefits of palm kernel oil

While Nigerian researchers say palm nut-meat oil can be used as ointment on the body to minimize infections by microorganisms, Cameroonian researchers say they can really cause skin rashes. According to the Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa by

Medical Mystery: After teen's 25-pound weight loss, why was she so tired?

Fatigue is one of the most difficult complaints to sort out because it is found in so many teens.

Some reports cite that 40 percent of healthy teens experience regular sleepiness and 30 percent fatigue (perception of low energy after normal activity). Causes can include infection (mononucleosis, for example), anemia (low red blood cells), hypothyroidism, sleep disorders, and depression.

In this case, the pediatrician asked her many questions.  She denied fever or sore throat (mono), trouble sleeping (obstructive sleep apnea), bleeding such as heavy periods (that might lead to an anemia), and she denied a history of depression.  The girl’s mother reported she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in her 20s.  Hypothyroid symptoms might include fatigue and sleepiness, weight gain, dry skin, constipation, irregular menstrual cycles, feeling cold, and an enlarged thyroid.  But the girl said she had none of these symptoms except for fatigue and some sleepiness.

Has your child developed a really bad yeast infection after wearing the Santa diapers?

I know two children that have developed really bad yeast infections. Nystatin did not clear up their infections. One child's infection became so sever it turned into a staff infection. They both had recently worn Santa diapers. I don't know if the

Nope. I bought a pack for my daughter and we had no problems. I also know quite a few others who used them and none of them had any problems.

Can a yeast infection cause and unborn child to become blind?

I know a woman who has been acussed of being a drug addict and one to sleep with everyone. Her daughter was born and her eyes became messed up and she ended up needing surgery and is almost legally blind. She says it because she had a yeast infection

No, a yeast infection doesn't have any major effect on an unborn child.