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Ask Ila: Tips for female health care

Ask Ila: Tips for female health care Condoms have also been shown to help maintain normal vaginal pH and good bacteria. This can be helpful in prevention of yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis, an extremely common vaginal infection. Also, maintaining pH and good bacteria helps 

7 sneaky reasons your vagina itches

7 sneaky reasons your vagina itches “If you randomly self-treat and it's not a yeast infection, you can make the problem worse,” she said. Trichomoniasis This common sexually Besides, these can also change up the pH of the vagina, making you more susceptible to an infection called

BVKit: An app to diagnose vaginal infections at home

BVKit: An app to diagnose vaginal infections at home Like a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, or BV, occurs when an overgrowth of certain bacteria in the vagina throws off its natural pH balance—symptoms include discharge, itching, burning, and inflammation. But BV involves more than just

UV disinfection technology – the applications just keep on growing

Unlike chemical treatment, UV does not introduce toxins or residues into process water and does not alter the chemical composition, taste, odour or pH of the fluid being disinfected. UV treatment UV destroys all known yeasts and their spores

Sinusitis, mucus discharge and systemic candidiasis (5)

sinusitis may be acute or chronic, using varied degreesof blood pH as the analytical tool. Today, it would try to conclude the exploration with an offer of some herbs available in Alternative Medicine for the treatment of diseases of bacterial or

Yeast infection PH is alkaline or acidic?

Yeast infection PH is more alkaline or acidic because i want to know the difference. What can i do to help myself,i only get yeast infection went i am prego but right now i an not prego... tell me your experience with this.. Thanks

If you are positive you have a yeast infection get some monostat from the pharmacy.

Yeast infection, ph in balance or worse?

Since I've been a teen I've gotten a redish itchy vagina from time to time. Every once ina while I'd treat it as a yeast infection but it always comes back. The symptoms only last a few days and then go away. I recently had a hook with someone and I noticed

Yes, this happens to me too. Right before my period I'm really scratchy and irritated down there and itch until I break the skin and bleed and it's really red and irritated but it just all magically goes away when my period ends. This happens around every