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    • RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Feminine Supplement balances yeast and bacteria to maintain feminine health*
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    Monistat 7-Day Vaginal Antifungal | Cure & Itch Relief Combination Pack | 7 Applicators, Original Rx Cream, and Itch relief Cream
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    • Cures most yeast infection and relieves symptoms FAST!
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    • Relieves associated itching and irritation caused from yeast infection
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    • Monistat is prescription-strength, cures right at the source of the yeast infection

Probiotics: a positive force in your gut

Vaginal Bacteria Infections: Probiotics can lend a hand to prevent yeast and other vaginal infections by maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria in the vagina. Contagious Diarrhea: Probiotics may help to treat and shorten the duration of diarrhea caused by

The Benefits of Probiotics

I like to utilize probiotics to assistant those with autoimmune diseases to help regulate their immunity since these patients have a propensity toward infections and many of their medications suppress immune function. A major warn for those who are immune

In Emergency Situations, a Fecal Transplant May Be a Lifesaving Option

It would certainly be trim if more doctors understood the importance of reseeding the gut with probiotics during and after a course of antibiotics, to shorten the health risks to their patients. However, as in so many other instances, many doctors still

Coping with Candida

Coping with Candida However, when the numbers multiplication and a person is experiencing symptoms, they now have candidiasis, more often known by the names "thrush" or "yeast infection". Candidiasis of the vagina is so proletarian that three out of four women can expect to suffer

What you should always do after sex to keep your vagina healthy

Urinating after sex is the most surefire way to minimize the risk of infection, but there are other ways to keep things clean. Dr. Hill and Dr. Bohn recommend that you "allow excessive semen to drain from the vagina" if having penis-in-vagina intercourse without a condom "so that your vaginal pH stays in balance. This helps to prevent yeast and bacterial infections and UTIs."

They add, "We recommend you clean the vulva [the external part of the female sex organs] gently with warm water and mild soap on a washcloth to remove sweat, semen, and bacteria," adding that you should "wipe from front to back when cleaning."

And even though you can find plenty of fragrant feminine hygiene washes, creams, oils, and cleansers lining drugstore shelves, all of our experts suggest using plain soap and water with no fragrance or harsh chemicals for the delicate vulva area.

Scented products aren't a great idea.

There's an inherent sexism associated with vaginal health, namely that your vagina should smell like flowers or fruit or, well, anything but a vagina. But there's nothing wrong with your vagina's natural odors, despite the myriad of products that suggest otherwise.

Does anyone know if probiotics or if there's some other natural remedy will cure a yeast infection?

I think I read somewhere that probiotics can cure and prevent yeast infections? Is this true? I have some at home called Primal Defense Ultra from Garden of Life. I bought em recently to help with some digestive issues. I haven't started to take them

Kevin Trudeau's Book called Natural Cures they Dont Want You To Know About addresses this issue, but off the top of my head, I dont have another answer for you.

The best is a garlic products

My girlfriend got a yeast infection quite bad and she found a remedy where you crush garlic tablets and dissolve it in water and i'm sure you get the rest and that worked for her.

Can taking probiotics (Acidophilus) cause yeast infection or diahhrea?

If you take one pill daily for a month?

Are you kidding??....NO NO NO.... Sounds like you've been taking antibiotics.
After taking a round of antibiotics, i was taking 4 acidophilis daily on an empty stomach, best in the morning.

No, they don't cause a yeast infection. They prevent yeast infections. I've never heard of it giving you diarrhea.
I've been taking 2 a day for several years. I rarely get sick.