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bladder control in men

Urinary incontinence is more common in women, but men get it too

Incontinence may not be the usual topic of discussion at parties and get-togethers, but it can cause problems for more people than suspected.

"Generally, when we hear the word incontinence, we think primarily of urinary incontinence," said Char Challenger-Smith, a physical therapist, certified athletic trainer and sports specialist with Rehab and Sport Medicine at Northern Nevada Medical Center. "It is important to know incontinence can be both urinary and/or fecal. We most commonly think of women, especially post-partum, suffering from urinary incontinence. Though women are more predisposed to urinary incontinence, men are also very commonly affected."

This is not all men, however. Generally, males who have had their prostate removed or re-sectioned are more likely to suffer from incontinence. Another population that has a higher incidence of incontinence is male and female athletes, according to Challenger-Smith. This includes both endurance athletes and power lifters. However, incontinence can be tricky because it can result from different stressors and causes.