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bladder control in men

Imagining a world where men's reproduction was controlled

But what if we were to reimagine our society with a primary reconsideration? What if white male bodies became the sole targeted site for legislative regulation regarding reproductive health instead of women’s bodies? 

Currently, approximately 25% of women in the U.S. use “the pill” as a means of contraception . The most serious risks from taking the birth control pill include: cardiovascular problems, blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, stroke or heart attack. Another 21% of women choose tubal ligation to prevent pregnancy. Tubal ligation is an invasive surgery with serious risks of infection, damage to the bowel or bladder, and possible persistent abdominal pain. About 12% of women choose an IUD (inter-uterine device), which is a small “T” shaped device that is implanted in a woman’s uterus in a gynecological office. Risks include cramping, bleeding, backache, pelvic-inflammatory disease, or perforation. The bodies of U.S. women have been historically encroached upon with a biopolitical strategy designed to make expectation of regulation and constraint normative.