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Writer asserts the rights of dogs to go where they want

DEAR JOAN: I’m writing in regard to your article about the lady who inquired about eliminating dog pee spots in her yard . Your first comment was the worst advice I would follow, saying a responsible pet owner shouldn’t let their dog do its business in other peoples lawn.

People in general have become too sensitive to any negativity and criticism, and this topic is truly a “life-is-too-short-get-over-yourself” issue.

I have two well-behaved golden retrievers who walk with me unleashed on the sidewalk. They listen on command, and they have the right to pee and poop wherever they want. I do pick up the No. 2 stuff and feel my responsibility is fulfilled to the respect of any homeowner.

Humans were blessed to have bathrooms and a brain, which allows them to alert themselves when it’s time to go. Pets have the great outdoors to do their business. How could you suggest to an animal with a full bladder or an upset stomach to hold it in until they get back to their personal property?