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    VetriScience Laboratories Bladder Strength Tablet for Dogs - 90 Chewable Tablets
    Pet Products (Vetri-Science Laboratories)

    Vetri-Science Laboratories

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    • Saw palmetto extract helps support normal bladder control and muscle tone
    • Recommended for spayed and senior pets to help maintain bladder control
    • Bladder strength is an advanced combination of ingredients that work together to support normal bladder function and bladderhealth
    • Olive Leaf Extract supports healthy microfl ora in the GI tract
    • Item comes with 90 pills
    • Packaging May Vary

    Best Premium Bladder Strength & Kidney Function Chews. Naturally Derived for Adult Dogs & Spayed Females to Help Maintain & Support Healthy Bladder Control, Dog Incontinence. Made in USA.55 Soft Chews
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    PET CARE Sciences

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    • ✔ CONTAINS: Cranberry Powder, Organic Marshmallow Root, Organic Astragalus, Organic Licorice, Nettle Seed. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: From the brand you can trust, a promise for a hassle free 100% refund if you (or your pet) are not completely and utterly satisfied. A very effective formula from a reputable brand and with a full money back, 100% guarantee!
    • ✔ HIGHEST QUALITY FORMULA. Helps maintain normal bladder & kidney function and reduce urinary incontinence.
    • ✔ NATURALLY DERIVED: Made from natural sources, beware of synthetic imitations!
    • ✔ EASY TO USE: Soft chews to appeal to your dog, can be given as a treat.

Ask a Vet: Should I Help My Dog Breathe During a Seizure?

Ask a Vet: Should I Help My Dog Breathe During a Seizure? The dog may lose bowel or bladder control and then may become rigid (tonic) for a period of several seconds. The subsequent stage of the seizure consists of convulsions, also known as clonic activity. These types of very dramatic, grand mal seizures

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metastatic breast, non-small cell lung, ovarian, bladder, colorectal, and head and neck cancers, as well as malignant pleural mesothelioma; and cardiovascular products are used to treat erectile dysfunction and benign prostatic hyperplasia, and

Pet Points: A good trainer is the first step to successful dog ownership

Pet Points: A good trainer is the first step to successful dog ownership Puppies will develop control of their bowel and bladder and should usually be house-trained around 16 weeks old. Some small breed dogs may take a little longer. We encourage all puppies to attend puppy kindergarten. Those that are enrolled in our

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(1) Lose weight – According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, over half of all dogs and cats in the United States are overweight or obese. Even a small amount of excess weight can have a If a urine sample is required, a full bladder is

What You Need To Know When Adopting A Rescue Dog

I think sugarcoating rescue animals sets families up for disappointment and failure. Whether a dog comes from a shelter or foster home, he won't automatically understand what his new family expects. Instead of touting rescue animals as problem-free, let's admit that they may need help working through some issues. And, really, that's not such a bad thing. As acclaimed pet photographer Illona Haus writes on her blog, overcoming issues together can help build a stronger bond between you and your pet.

One of the most common issues with rescue dogs is house training. When a dog moves to a new home, with a new routine and rules, he may be confused about when and where to eliminate. The best ways to minimize accidents is to be prepared to house train from scratch, and start crate training immediately.

There are four ways to fast track house training . First, feed your dog healthy, regular meals; second, maintain a consistent schedule for potty breaks; third, ensure sufficient