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bladder control for women

Strengthen Your Bladder to Improve Quality of Life

Stress Incontinence: Most commonly occurs in women as a result of a weakened or stretched pelvic floor resulting from childbirth. The most obvious symptom of this form of incontinence is leakage from laughing or coughing. In men, it can occur with a removed prostate or injury to the area. Urge Incontinence: This is when you are hit with the immediate urge to go and cannot get to a bathroom fast enough. It can be caused by overactive contractions in the bladder muscle. In men, it may be a result of an enlarged prostate. In women, it may result from changes in the bladder lining or muscle. Overflow Incontinence: The bladder is not emptying properly, so there is nowhere for additional urine. It can lead to an increased risk for bladder infections, and generally affects men with enlarged prostates.

One natural way to deal with incontinence is called “time voiding.” This means setting a schedule for urination. Depending on your current frequency, set your schedule for something you think you can achieve. Stick to it, then try extending it by two minutes, five minutes, etc. Squeeze the muscles to hold the urine in, and in time, you can train yourself to control the urge.