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Drink Tulsi Tea for weight loss: Here's why Tulsi tea is the best natural remedy to reduce belly fat

Tea before your workout session can be a great idea to burn more calories and lose belly fat . This could be one of the best home remedies for weight loss. Read - Monsoon weight loss: Eat garlic daily to lose weight and burn belly fat instantly

Here’s how to include Tulsi leaves in your weight loss diet

Take a few leaves of basil and thoroughly wash them. You can simply chew these fresh basil leaves on an empty stomach. A great way to consume tulsi is to make a tea. Boil a few fresh holy basil leaves with one cup of water, and steep for five minutes. You can also add some fresh mint leaves and lemon to it. Now, drain and drink this tea to take full advantage of all of these benefits. Drink this everyday to lose weight and burn fat instantly.

Note: Since Tulsi has been used for centuries in India owing to its protective health properties, it is probably safe. However, we suggest you to always consult your doctor