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    Expanded Acne Treatment Kit, 5 piece Kit for All Types of Acne by Exposed Skin Care
    Health and Beauty (Exposed Skin Care)

    Exposed Skin Care

    List Price: $59.95
    Price: $71.95

    • 100% GUARANTEED: Exposed is guaranteed to give you clearer, healthier skin or we will give you your money back, it's that simple
    • SAFE: Exposed does not overpower your skin like many products. We use a soothing blend of natural ingredients to heal and calm skin while clearing up your acne.
    • HIGH QUALITY: Exposed spends 100% MORE on the quality of our ingredients compared to even the most well-known acne systems. Exposed is SPA QUALITY and formulated to make your daily skin care routine something you look forward to.
    • TRY IT TODAY: You have nothing to lose except your acne!
    • FAST RESULTS: The exclusive combination of SCIENCE + NATURE found in Exposed gives you clearer, smoother skin

    Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Treatment Mask
    Beauty (Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.)

    Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.

    List Price: $37.68
    Price: $29.72
    You Save: $7.96 (21%)

    • Dermatologist in-office acne technology
    • Clinically proven technology
    • Light therapy acne treatment
    • Blue light targets acne-causing bacteria
    • Clears acne and allows skin to heal

Beauty Trend: BB Cream

BB cream, literatim meaning “Blemish Balm” but not limited to those who suffer with touchy skin, is a cream that offers both skincare and light coverage in one. The product outwardly originated as a treatment for those recovering from laser skin

Beauty tips from expert Louise Stewart

This helps mitigate the visible signs of ageing and promotes optimal skin health. I'ma matchless believer in using skincare products specifically suited to individual skin types as we all have such assorted skincare needs ranging from calming to

Monday morning beauty buys

Monday morning beauty buys Sienna Miller is a fan of this effect, so we know it must be good if it can count her as a client. Tara Walker's Vision is an innovative capsule range of cleansers, moisturisers and serums that present oneself an unique, effective skincare solution.

Herbal Remedies and Beauty Products in UK This Christmas

Calendula and Lavender are reach-me-down widely in skin care while Rosemary and Bay are very popular for hair products as they help stimulate the scalp and patronize hair growth. Beauty products in the UK and now moving in the direction of inner nutrition for

Science of skincare: what are retinoids?

Hen is comes to skincare, ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and retinol are often thrown about and highlighted on the front of serums and creams. Yet, few of us genuinely know what these ingredients are and why we should (or shouldn't in some cases) be incorporating them into our skincare regimes.

With our latest video series, Science of Skincare, we are debunking the science with the help of cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Sam Bunting . 

The first episode is focused on retinoids, the buzz ingredient that is so often associated with healing acne and preventing ageing.  Here is everything you need to know...

What are retinoids?

Retinoids and retinol are derivatives of vitamin A. While retinoids are prescription strength, products containing retinol can be bought over the counter. The latter take longer to work as your skin has to convert retinol into retinoic acid, so it can take at least three months to see results. 

What are the skincare benefits of retinoids

whats a good skin care brand for teenage acne skin in the UK ?

i've suffered from breakouts, spots, blackheads, pores for ages...
is there any skincare brands that can help me get rid of my spots, make my acne lighter, minimize my pores ?
i have tried literally loads of products, like neutrogena, witch,

use the Garnier Pure line great for acne prone and it helps to prevent breakout and eliminate them leaving skin soft clear without paying alot use the face cleanser,face scrub and moisturizer .

try velocity or just go to your local general store and look for something new. i hope i helped and good luck

stridex. get stridex. xxx

What are good skin care products?

To get rid of spots & mild acne, i have a very oily t-zone & normal around my cheeks and chin.
What are some good cheep products i can buy for that in the UK?
What is your skin care routine/What would be a good skin care routine?


For years i dreaded going out, meeting people or any event where i would have to show my face. My complexion was never even close to being clear. My doctor put me on a few prescriptions including the so-called best acne treatment, but rching.asp/CategoryId=701/NumberOfReview s=1/AverageRating=1/BuyAgain=0/SC=HOWMAN Y/SD=DESC

well before i used cream from the doctor i used to use garnier or clearasil they both unlock your pores :)