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    Colon Cleanse and Detox All Natural Way to Lose Weight, Flush Toxins, and Promote Digestive Health Organically 60 capsules
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    List Price: $9.95
    Price: $9.95

    • TRUST OUR AMAZING REVIEWS THAT CUSTOMERS HAVE LEFT! Vita-Web's Colon Cleanse is made of a proprietary blend to help you achieve real results! Customers have been impressed with such a high quality product and such a GREAT deal. What other Doctor recommended product is easier to take than our Colon Cleanse. SAVE BIG NOW WHILE IT IS ON SALE and consider stocking up for not only you, but for your family and friends!
    • FLUSH YOUR BODY OF TOXINS AND START FEELING BETTER TODAY! Vita-Web's Colon Cleanse helps restore the "good" bacteria in your colon, which promotes colon health, aids in digestion, flattens your stomach, and helps you lose weight. Customers of ours have lost numerous pounds from simply taking our Colon Cleanse. The reviews are real just like the results that you will get. Customers have told us how they are feeling overall better even at less than the recommended dosage.
    • **** Item expires in 3 years from the date of manufacturing mentioned at the base of the container**** NO BINDERS, NO FILLERS, AND NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS! Vita-Web's Colon Cleanse is a pure and natural way to purify and detoxify your body with better ingredients over the competition. You will not only be pleased with the results, but your body will feel NEW again. You body will overall be better, lighter, cleaner, and less heavy after you take our natural Colon Cleanse.
    • Keep your bowels regulated WITHOUT cramping, bloating, or fatigue. Vita-Web's Colon Cleanse is one cleanse that you will really be able to tell a difference with! Our Colon Cleanse cleans out your system by elimating the waste that your body accumulates over time. It will be easy on your stomach and keep you regular all at a GREAT price!
    • Our All Natural Colon Cleanse, promotes healthy cleansing of the colon. No running to the bathroom, or having to plan when to use it. Our all natural formula is gentle and effective with no harsh side effects. Our Colon Cleanse doesn't cause cramps or is harsh on your body. It will be gentle on your stomach, but still strong enough to get the job done right!

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To be sure, some people can work weight off, experts say. These include those who exercise vigorously for long periods, and professional athletes, who typically engage in high-intensity workouts.

How much weight did you lose with the 14 day acai berry cleanse and colon cleanse duo?

i started it about two days ago, and i have felt a little sick from i am hoping to hear positive reviews..hopefully

You are feeling sick most likely because your body is toxic. The Acai detoxes your body, so through many channels of your body, it is trying to eliminate them effectively. Try going to a sauna or taking a hot bath to help alleviate the "overload"

I lost about......eighty pounds?

colon cleansing doesn't do shit.

if youre colon has shit trapped in it building up you'll be in the hospital. since you're not, obviously youre colon is working (to some extent).
you're j ust gonna poop out everything you eat.

What Stores In LA,California Sell Acai Berry Detox &&Colon Cleanse?

What stores in Los Angeles California sell Acai Berry Detox?&&Colon Cleanse? I've read so many good reviews about this combination that I want to try it for myself! :)

I really want to lose weight! :) Like 30 pounds in 5 months

A good way to cleanse your body is doing a colon flush or whole body cleanse twice a month. Usually what I will do is sign-up for a free trial then cancel it when i get my bottle. That way i have a month supply of cleanse for only $3-$5 bucks instead

A good way to cleanse your body is doing a colon flush or whole body cleanse twice a month. Usually what I will do is sign-up for a free trial then cancel it when i get my bottle. That way i have a month supply of cleanse for only $3-$5 bucks instead