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    • Provides luxurious all-day moisture protection without being too heavy or greasy.
    • Use all over your body to nourish and promote a healthy, naturally obtained tan.
    • Fast, deep absorption that improves elasticity, tone, and defends skin from dryness.
    • This silky smooth moisturizer leaves skin fresh, softer and more youthful looking.
    • • CUSTOMERS SAY: This is sun-kissed skin in a bottle. This oil has completely renovated my skin

    Vitamin C Cleanser Scrub Deep Clean Pores - Organic Facial Cleanser for Dry Skin , Combination Skin , Oily Skin , Sensitive Skin , and Regular Skin , Great All Natural and Organic Skin Care Cleanser for Women and Men - Large Bottle 6oz/180ml


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    Price: $30.60

    • AIONA ALIVE IS REVOLUTIONARY: We bring skin care to a new level, using a LIVE and pure form of Collagen, instead of using common hydrolyzed collagen. Aiona Alive not only provides the best of the daily skin care regime but also boosts the health of skin and heals adverse skin conditions.
    • NATURAL AND ORGANIC HIGH PERFORMANCE INGREDIENTS include hyaluronic acid, and gold collagen; pure premium grade beneficial plant extracts such as Usnea Tincture,Yellow Dock, and Helichrysum.
    • GREAT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Using pure and clean ingredients with LIVE collagen makes our products safe for all skin types. Aiona Alive's vitamin c cleanser gently exfoliates the skin with decyl glucoside, a natural and non-ionic surfactant that is safe and ideal for the skin. The best organic skin cleanser for dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, combination skin and normal skin; rinses off easily, leaving your skin with a freshly rejuvenated glow. Also works as an effective
    • ETHICALLY SOURCED AND MADE IN CANADA: Made in a Good Manufacturing Practices facility in Canada. Our range is free from a number of harmful and unethical ingredients which include: synthetic fragrances, colorants, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, sulfates, binders, or fillers. OUR PRODUCTS ARE ALL NATURAL, ORGANIC, CRUELTY FREE, CLEAN AND HYPOALLERGENIC.
    • AIONA ALIVE IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOUR SKIN. Our organic facial cleanser promotes the health of all skin types while aiding in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. It is the most gentle, yet the most effective skin cleanser scrub for removing dirt and oil deep within your pores. Our cleanser produces a natural citrus aroma, foaming evenly when applied, being an ideal organic skin cleanser for dry skin that works evenly to deep clean pores and prevent blackheads. This product will not dry out or strip your skin of its natural oils. BUY MORE THAN ONE PRODUCT AND SAVE, SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.

Vancouver Skin Care Specialist Now Offering Selphyl® for “Vampire Facelift ...

Selphyl® is utterly natural. No foreign material is injected and it relies on one's own body's aptitude to rejuvenate the skin. At her Vancouver skin care practice, Dr. Shehla Ebrahim is now providing Selphyl®, a device treatment filler designed to

Public nudity law upheld; Ontario man found guilty

Public nudity law upheld; Ontario man found guilty I invite anybody to go to his watering-place in Muskoka, spend the day. Bravo! I despise [anyone] too with just skin for a suit. Trustworthy Canadian--and just what are you basing your comments on? Every poll I've every seen was in favor of keeping your clothes on.

Cocoon Apothecary Introduces Ancient Mud Facial Mask

Cocoon Apothecary Introduces Ancient Mud Facial Mask Cocoon Apothecary, Canada's constitutional skin care company, announces the launch of Ancient Mud Facial Mask, a 100% natural merge of therapeutic mud, clay and pure essential oils. Dead Sea mud has been habituated to for thousands of years as a beauty treatment

Men three times less likely than women to protect their skin in the winter

The quantity of melanoma has more than tripled over the last thirty years and continues to increase.3 Julia Murray, a Canadian Olympic Ski Cancel athlete, is all too familiar with the consequences of not protecting your skin in the winter.

How one local woman's skin care recipe is helping cancer patients

Denise Lauzon is taking matters in her own hands after chemotherapy treatments left her friend with severely dry and cracked skin. The aesthetician has created an all-natural skin cream.

"While people are going through chemotherapy they have a lot to deal with and having dry and peeling skin is just a relentless problem," she said.

The St.Thomas woman has created Chemocare Balm, made with organic sunflower seed oil and beeswax.

Lauzon said the organic ingredients are better than petroleum jelly and mineral oils usually found in popular balms.

"A lot of people who have chemotherapy don't want to add chemicals to their open skin," she said.

Lauzon began distributing sample products to patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment at St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital – soon to work her way to London's Victoria Hospital.

Lauzon said a portion of the proceeds are set to help the Mike Condie Foundation, which financially supports local cancer patients.

Canada Home Business Question?


I am starting a home based business in creating and selling all natural skin care products from my home in Canada. I was hoping someone might be able to direct me to some site outlining the legalities of doing this? I have looked all

Me too doing a home business on natural skin care products in Canada and I would like to help you with your needs. For more details contact me privately on my e-mail:

looking for personal care products face cream?

Hi I'm looking to see if a product brand name called Personal Care Skin Cream for a natural youthful look, does anyone know where I can search this product, it is from Binghan Farms,MI, made in Canada. thanks all 24-g1-~Personal+Care+Skin+Cream-nover

Walgreens drug store in Alabama sells it. You could request it in your local drug store.