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    TSA Approved Silicone Travel Bottles Kit 3oz Set of 4 - Leak Proof BPA Free Toiletries Containers w/ Clear Toiletry Bag

    Price: $39.95

    • ★ NEVER WORRY ABOUT SPILLING AGAIN! Your silicone travel accessories bottles come equipped with 3 leak proof walls and zero drip technology. You can now travel confidently knowing that that there is no chance of your travel containers leaking or dripping all over your valuables.
    • ★ SUCTION CUP, HANGER, LARGE MOUTH FOR FILLING! The super strength suction cup allows you to effortlessly secure your travel size bottles to any surface. Alternatively, you can easily hang your travel tubes on any hanger. The large mouth on your new silicone travel bottles make filling, cleaning, and re-filling an absolute breeze. Their soft squeezable body allow you to push out every last drop to ensure none of your toiletries contents are wasted.
    • ★ FDA APPROVED AND 100% BPA-FREE! Your new food grade silicone travel bottle set are completely safe to use for your liquids! Set of 3 oz travel bottles for shampoo, conditioner, sun block to ketchup, mayonnaise and baby food these little buddies are ready for anything you throw in them! Never worry about purchasing separate travel size toiletries containers again!
    • ★ TSA & CARRY-ON APPROVED! The clear quart sized EVA TSA approved toiletry bag allows for easy identification by airport security helping you to get to your plane on time and hassle free! You will never have to throw out your liquids, waste time at security checks, or spend extra money to replace your confiscated toiletries.
    • ★ EASILY IDENTIFY CONTENTS OF YOUR TRAVEL BOTTLES! Each travel bottle top comes with 5 pre-printed ID windows and one blank window. Choose from Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Lotion, Sun Block, or fill in the blank ID window with your desired item. The translucent material of your travel bottles also allows you to easily identify the contents of each of your refillable containers. If that wasn't enough, each package of 4 travel bottles come in a clear quart sized EVA TSA approved toiletry bag.

    Make Up Cosmetic Brushes Guards Mesh Protectors Cover Sheath Net,100 Pcs
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    List Price: $15.99
    Price: $15.99

    • Material:Plastic
    • Color:White
    • Included:100 Pcs Protectors Cover Sheath Net
    • Size:4.7" x 0.3"

Woongjin Coway to focus on high-end cosmetics in China

Woongjin Coway will set in motion new organic products this year as well as exclusive products targeting home shopping TV ditch viewers. In 2010, Woongjin Coway launched a cosmetics business, 11 years after its originator company, Woongjing Group, was forced to

Beauty products linked to cancer, birth defects, hormonal issues

her normal and organic beauty products store and spa in Highland Park. The chemical engineering graduate started her business in the mainstream cosmetic industry, working in the sales departments of some of the times a deliver's largest cosmetic companies.

Market offers all-natural options

There are also several regular soaps, lotions, shampoos and cosmetics, recycled paper products, biodegradable cleaners and talent medicines available. According to Chris Cagle, our society has consumed more calories over the previous 50 years,

Organic products should display verification, expert claims

Organic products should display verification, expert claims Individuals were advised to look for Waste matter Association labels on items from the UK, while those that originate in France will feature adduce of Ecocert and Italy and Germany will reference ICEA and BDIH individually. Mr Blake claimed checking for these

Soil Association on COSMOS certification: 'Consider long-term strategy when it comes to naturals and organics'

Here, Lauren Bartley, Business Development Manager for Health & Beauty at the Soil Association, takes us through some of the major opportunities and challenges for the segment.

Organic and naturals beauty and skin care players face high levels of competition, with increasing numbers of product launches over the past few years. How far do you see this to be a major challenge for the segment?

The rise in certified cosmetics has been phenomenal, with certified organic and natural in its sixth year of consecutive growth. Brands certified with the Soil Association are extremely supportive of each other, as together they are all contributing to a positive movement.  

The challenge comes from uncertified organic or natural brands, as there is no level playing field for the industry and no guarantee that the uncertified organic and natural products on the market contain only ingredients that would meet the COSMOS standards.

For consumers this is extremely confusing, and that’s why we encourage people to look for the logo to trust the quality and integrity of the cosmetic products they’re buying.