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    Vaseline Healthy White, Skin Lightening Lotion with Active Whitening System, Lighter Skin in 2 Weeks 100ml
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    Genuine Authentic German Nivea Creme Cream available in 400ML/ 13.52oz in metal tin - Made in Germany & imported from Germany!
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    • 400 ml Nivea Cream lotion in metal tin
    • Made in Germany and imported from Germany! NOT Thailand, Mexico, or anywhere else!

L'Oreal sitting pretty here

L'Oreal products are now in 130 countries, with 23 brands in five categories: trifle care, hair colouring, skin care, makeup and professional. Thailand had cumulative growth of 17% in 2011. "Thailand is one of the eminent markets for us because Thai

Fujifilm keen on Thai market

Fujifilm Corporation launched its skincare products under the Astalift brand in Japan five years ago to magnify into the healthcare business. Astalift has gained acceptance among Japanese women craving to maintain youthful skin.

Alpha to build $50m plant

Headquartered in Auckland, Alpha Troupe operates manufacturing facilities in China, New Zealand and Australia for fettle supplements, functional food and skin-care products. Singapore, Malaysia, Burma and Thailand are noteworthy markets for Alpha,

The latest on private equity, M&A, deals and movements — from Wall Street to ...

based businesslike skin care company, has acquired Colorescience, a Dana Point, Calif.–based maker of branded mineral makeup sold through physicians' practices and medical spas. No monetary terms were disclosed. Skinmedica has raised around $150

Black gold? Rhizome extract said to have anti-ageing amd anti-diabetic effects

Presented at FI Asia 2017 in Bangkok by Oryza Oil & Fat Chemical’s Masami Kawaziri, the herbaceous plant is also called black turmeric in Japan, and krachai dum in its country of origin, Thailand.

The plant’s extract has been used in Thailand for many years as a traditional medicine to boost energy and relieve gastrointestinal problems, and more recently, researchers in Asia have been looking into its benefits for seniors, diabetics and sportspersons.

Energising results

Its polymethoxyflavones are said to enhance energy production, thereby improving glucose, fat and lipid metabolism. This can either prevent metabolic syndrome, or aid in treating diabetes.

The boost in energy production also helps to enhance athletic performance and recovery.

Kawaziri shared the results of a 2016 study on the effects of black ginger extract intake on physical strength, skin condition, post-exercise fatigue, and general fatigue.

Subjects who had been given the extract reported an increase in strength, and being less fatigued overall and after exercise.

Where can I find RoC skin-care products available in Thailand?

i traveled all over thailand. Couldn't find it anywhere, but your best bet would be in Bangok, most likely in a major chemist or specialty store, and majority of their stuff has been modified to be "whitening".

You first have to determine where you are located at,and maybe then and only then we can actually help you.

Start a skin care business-?

I am in process of developing a skin care line (natural) and know somewhat of the skin care business like getting a bar code before selling products to high-end spas, healthfood stores, website, etc....Right now I am working on a business plan and finding

Checkout this website s/english/retail/index.html?1766851
Go down on the bottom right and browse the catalog from pages 21 to 25 of our skin care line of products. You can start

Here's a good resource for the basics of starting a business...any business. 9/stepbystep-guide-to-starting-your-busi ness-2.aspx

good luck!!

Checkout this website s/english/retail/index.html?1766851
Go down on the bottom right and browse the catalog from pages 21 to 25 of our skin care line of products. You can start