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    Moroccan Mudd Shampoo Bar 100% Natural From Tasmania Australia with Leatherwood Honey and Bees Wax 125 grams
    Beauty (Beauty and the Bees Tasmania)

    Beauty and the Bees Tasmania

    List Price: $13.95
    Price: $14.95

    • Sulfate paraben silicone palm oil plastic free shampoo bar. Free of harsh synthetic detergents that dry out your hair and scalp and pollute your waterways.
    • Perfect for regular use by everyone and usually requires a few washes for full effect- especially good for those with a dry scalp or curly thick unruly, or frizzy hair.
    • Enhances natural shine, encourages hair growth, stimulates roots, brightens color, moisturizes, conditions, enhances curls, and leaves hair soft shiny & healthy!
    • Made from a special clay from beneath the Atlas Mountains in Morocco called Ghassoul Clay, which has been used for hair and skin care for generations.
    • Smooth, silky and extraordinary rich in trace minerals which leave the hair and scalp smooth conditioned and moisturized

    Healthy Hair Starter Kit | 4 Sample Shampoo Bars - Honey Silk Conditioner Bar - Apple Silk Clarifying Rinse | Restores Hair | Shiny Healthy Hair | All Natural | Beauty and the Bees Tasmania Australia
    Beauty (Beauty and the Bees Tasmania)

    Beauty and the Bees Tasmania

    List Price: $16.95
    Price: $16.95

    • Restores natural hair growth, scalp condition, encourages healthy shiny hair, & relieves dandruff, itchy and dry scalp
    • Healthy Hair Starter Pack is the first step to natural healthy beautiful hair!
    • Transitioning to all natural healthy hair & scalp with no fuss and travel friendly !
    • Sample Pack Includes: 4 varied samples of our favorite totally concentrated all natural solid shampoo bars- Voodoo Black Bamboo Charcoal, Apple Cider Tonic, Real Beer and Rosemary & Mint - sample Honey Silk Conditioner Bar, and sample Apple Silk Clarifying Rinse
    • Always Fresh and Chemical & SLS Free & Handmade in the pristine Rainforest of Tasmania Australia!

Stockwatch Week to Jan 13

QBE issued a their heels profit downgrade due to a record level of claims from natural disasters. IAG said it expects to features a bill of up to $200 million to cover damage inflicted by the Christmas Day storms that ripped through Melbourne.

Ayurda Going Beyond Organic With Skin Care for 2012

At available only in Australia and New Zealand where the premium skin care brand is formulated and originates, Ayurda is the first pelt care brand to link beauty to wellbeing. Such a connective link requires an insight that if one is to

GP – Western Australia, Bunbury – Option of Partnership – Earnings up to £200k

merely a ninety minute drive south of Western Australia's national capital, Perth. A vibrant port city with a strong maritime account, Bunbury is renowned for its quality lifestyle and unique blend of natural beauty and top distinction facilities.

Analog to Digital Shift: Implications of Owning Vs Renting Books, Music ...

The counterfeit photobook could indicate that they're a photographer who appreciates natural beauty and the Robinson Crusoe ticket that they're more likely to go on a holiday to an isolated location than a bustling municipality. However within the next 5-10

Does the $499 Supersonic live up to the hype?


Dyson spent $96 million developing the Supersonic in purpose-built beauty testing labs, with a fresh team of engineers working on the product.

The company also employed the expertise of top stylists — like the Kardashians’ personal stylist Jen Atkin — and used 1600km of human hair to test 600 prototype dryers.

The Supersonic has 1600 watts of power and an airflow of 85 cubic feet per minute which is noticeable when you turn it on and you’re immediately blasted with the full force of the air. LED indicators show three speed settings and four heat settings. It also has a cool shot function which provides a hit of cool air to help set your hairstyle.

While most hair dryers market themselves around “ionic”, “ceramic” and “tourmaline”, Dyson seems to be more about retaining the hair’s natural shine and preventing heat damage in the first place.

Dyson achieves this through a “glass bead thermistor” that measures air temperature 20 times a second and reports it to a microprocessor which then regulates the heat output.

Natural or chemical free wax?

Hi, I am starting out in the beauty industry, and id like to find some all natural wax and waxing products (creams etc) That i can use. Preferrably chemical free. Does anyone know where i can buy anything in Australia?

Bee's wax, or lard?? Lol

How can people not see that men are superior to women?

Look at it this way - almost everything around us has been invented, built and maintained by men.

The car you drive, the computer you use, the house you live in, the electricity that powers it all, the research and development behind these

Where do women who earn more than their partner's fit into this?
Or what about the women who go out of their way to find partners who earn less than themselves?
True I may look up to people like Malcolm X who is a man but I also look

Thank goodness no females ever graduated college and no men ever failed out of college.

spoken like a true australian