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    ORGANIC ANTI-AGING ANTI WRINKLE SERUM | Organic Aloe Vera | Hydrating Firming Serum | Lifting Facial Serum | Natural Organic Skin Care
    Beauty (Eavara LLC)

    Eavara LLC

    List Price: $59.95
    Price: $59.95
    You Save: $25.00 (42%)

    • EAVARA's FOREVER GUARANTEE - Eavara is delighted and committed to guarantee every purchase that you make with a No Questions Asked Guarantee. So... there is no risk to you to try them today! Order Now and stop the hands of time - naturally!
    • "WINNER BEST ANTI AGING SKIN CARE" in 2017 by American Choice Awards
    • PATENTED AND POTENT ORGANIC FORMULA - It lifts and hydrates your skin, and has been shown to dramatically reduce fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging.
    • ORGANIC, PURE AND PARABEN FREE With Eavara's commitment to provide the highest quality and safest anti-aging products possible to their Customer "Ohana" ("Family" in Hawaiian) comes the practice of not using cosmetic chemicals which can harm your skin or cause long-term side effects.
    • CRULETY FREE - Animal testing is something that Eavara stands strongly against, and manufactures all products free of animal testing and animal by-products.

    1 X 50ml Dr Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream Bioactive Intensive Care Emollient

    Price: $54.99

    • Hypoallergenic organic Manuka Honey cream
    • 1.7 fl oz
    • Dry skin • Sun exposed skin • Sensitive skin • Irritated skin • Allergic skin
    • Nourishing, Restoring and Sooothing
    • Free from: • SLS • Parabens • Artificial colors • Phthalates • Harsh preservatives

Greer's OC: Cruelty-free products at LUSH

By Greer Wylder British-based Elaborate Fresh Handmade Cosmetics just opened its first Orange County reservoir at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. Vegetarians, vegans and those who stay away from preservatives and packaging can find cruelty-let loose skin- and

8 Steps to a Healthy Home: The Key for a Healthy Body and Planet

Many of the chemicals in our eats (like artificial colors), and cosmetics (like phthalates) have been banned in many countries around the give birth to, but are available here in the US without warning labels. (The Breast Cancer Fund says studies show there's

Gluten-Free Products: Steal or Scam?

Gluten-Free Products: Steal or Scam? That includes well-known brands like Bare-ass Minerals and lesser-known ones like Afterglow Cosmetics and Eos lip balm. As more and more people swap to gluten-free diets or develop allergies to wheat products, does this wonderful gluten-free beauty is the

In the Biz: Saratoga Springs to welcome new health foods store

For Blue planet's Sake will reflect that one-stop shopping philosophy with a selection of products, including local meats and dairy, eco-friendly gifts and all-habitual cosmetics — such a range of goods that Bakkalapulo never expected to carry them all when

Olea Essence makes money turning olives into cosmetics

“Look what you have in the States. The EPA is killing the olives, because they are rightfully protecting the water, which is scarce in California. They don’t let the olive oil industry contaminate the soil. But the contamination is not poison; most of the olive’s antioxidants are in the solids, which seep down into the water table and don’t dissolve.”

But Talmon arrived at his conclusions quite literally by accident.

“When you bring in 100 kilos of olives to the mill, you add 20 kilos of water and extract 20 kilos of olive oil. So 100 kilos are left as contaminated residue,” he said. “I discovered all this coincidentally by falling into a pile of it. The hose exploded and covered me with this mud. I was afraid, because I knew it’s not good stuff. Then my guys washed me off, and I saw my skin. It was way better than before.”

The entrepreneur immediately hired a chemist to investigate the specific properties of olive oil and how they could commercialize his discovery. He eventually wrote a patent on turning that residue into vinegar by fermenting it.

What cosmetics contain animal derived ingredients?

I recently have started a blog, dedicated to the organic lifestyle. I had a Grandfather pass away from CJD (aka: human mad cow disease) so it has touched me, and I have boycotted all unnatural, non-organic products, foods etc. I am having a hard time

hope this can help: ml

there is a red food dye called carmine that is in some foods and drinks of red or pink item like maybe pink grapefruit juice? (read labels) and in red is made from crushed red bugs..