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    ChefLand Pack of 2 - 8 Oz. Refillable, Amber Glass Spray Bottles for Multi-Purpose Use: Cleaning, Aromatherapy, Natural Beauty Products and Cooking, With Adjustable Black Spray Top And 2 Storage Caps
    Home (Chefland)


    List Price: $8.99
    Price: $8.99

    • CONVENIENT - A fantastic way to store and save your homemade lotions, fragrances and oils. Stop struggling with flimsy, non-environmentally friendly plastic spray bottles and try these beautiful amber glass bottles today.
    • A MUST HAVE FOR ANY HOME OR WORKPLACE - Fill with your favorite essential oil blends and use as a body spray, moisturizing mist, room fragrancer or insect repellant. Transfer liquids from store bought plastic bottles for a prettier ambiance in your bath and guest room or use in your kitchen instead of plastic bottles that can leach unhealthy chemicals into your food.
    • PREMIUM QUALITY - Super set of 2 durable, refillable, glass spray bottles designed with specialized non-reactive UV resistant, amber glass for maximum sun protection and contents preservation and longevity.
    • PERFECT SIZE - These Chefland bottles will fit perfectly in your hand and at the same time, are large enough that you won't constantly have to refill! Looks professional, attractive and stores away neatly.
    • LEAK PROOF - Includes a leak proof, black, powerful, trigger spray top with adjustable settings to produce a steady stream, spray or light mist. The long tube attached to the spray mechanism reaches to the base of the bottle to ensure your contents can be accessed until the last drop.

    Spearmint Oil - 1 OZ (100% Pure and Natural) from NOW
    Beauty (Now Foods)

    Now Foods

    List Price: $6.99
    Price: $4.03
    You Save: $2.96 (42%)

    • Cooling, invigorating & stimulating
    • Refreshing, minty aroma
    • 100% pure spearmint oil

Zaki Organics sells safer beauty products

A businesswoman and longtime second for chemical-free skincare products is now bottling and packaging her own concoctions. West Valley's Amber Doyle, who says she's been a kitchen chemist for about 18 months, opened a nugatory shop in Millwood recently

Caesarstone USA Announces New Supremo Product Line

This patented new technology is peerless only to Caesarstone. With its natural look and feel, no two Supremo surfaces are alike. With a spread of eight colors with names inspired by aristocracy and fantasy worlds each color carries implication and beauty.

iSpy: Gadgets to get the most out of your Apple product

iSpy: Gadgets to get the most out of your Apple product by Chris Pittman Christmas has be stricken and gone and maybe you scored an Apple product or two. Lucky. Now you extremity to accessorize your new beauty with a case, stand or keyboard. Here are some reviews of products that will play dangerous with your new iPhone,

Anti-Aging: Shiitake mushrooms provide benefits beyond kitchen

Anti-Aging: Shiitake mushrooms provide benefits beyond kitchen By many consumed as a food for thousands of years in the East and more recently in the West, today, the Shiitake mushroom's benefits tract beyond the kitchen. A natural Shiitake complex has been shown in scientific studies to work with the peel's own

Giving that signature experience

SHOPPING for home products can be a hassle for some homeowners but at Signature Kitchen, visitors can expect an entirely different experience coupled with a whole lot of fun.

Signature Kitchen will be showcasing a range of products from kitchen to the living room at Perfect Livin ‘17 home and lifestyle exhibition.

The four-day exhibition will be held at Putra World Trade Centre from tomorrow until Sunday.

Signature Kitchen retail sales director KS Lau said the company was committed to giving its best service to its customers.

“It all starts with Signature’s Service Promise, which takes care of you from the moment you walk into our showroom to a proper handover and cleaning service upon the completion of your kitchen, to ensure all customers are fully satisfied.

Lau with the bedroom set at Signature Kitchen Lifestyle Gallery in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya. - AZMAN GHANI / The Star

“During the exhibition, we will do a little ‘personality test’ where customers can select from more than 1,000 kitchen cabinet designs in our Design Gallery and this will be narrowed down to the design they like, whether it is modern contemporary or classic styles.

Freeman's beauty products, St. Ives ...?

1. Freeman's beautiful face > avocado & oatmeal purifying
clay masque
2. Freeman's Sheer moisture > raspberry, almond & kiwi lathering facial scrub

a) Is using these products and others in the same brand (Freeman's)

I do not like St Ives and see no results at all after using it.
I think it's better to buy something really good, since you are spending money anyway.
Using natural ingredients are good for relaxation, but it won;t give you lasting results.

I do not like St Ives and see no results at all after using it.
I think it's better to buy something really good, since you are spending money anyway.
Using natural ingredients are good for relaxation, but it won;t give you lasting results.

I find the St. Ives and Freeman’s products pretty good, especially the Apricot Scrub from St. Ives and the foot products from Freeman’s. As for exfoliating neck area- don’t use the grainy stuff, the neck is too delicate for it. If you can make

Ladies, Do you love products? I beg for your creative ideas, Help!?

I am in college taking a Business Enterprise class where I need to create my own business from scratch. I am considering creating a business where women can come to workshops and make their own products for face, body, and hair from scratch using products

I would love that! I am obsessed with facial products, hair products, and skin products! I don't have any recipes or anything like that, but i wanted to tell you that a lot of women and maybe men, would love a business like that. Let us know how it

i would love smthing like that but would probally be a little skeptical at first, esp. about the face

I think it's a great idea! just make sure that you have like, the recipes for doing it, otherwise you'll just have a bunch of women in there mixing up food! lol. also i think it would be good if you let them know the benefits from home remedies rather